empty horizons

Sekai Project has announced that the Ebi-Hime slice-of-life visual novel Empty Horizons is on Steam now.

The game follows a girl name Mireille Maiorano who has been raised in an all girls’ boarding school. However, she is left all alone after her wealthy fathers passing. The story features themes of, love, tragedy, and humor.

Sekai Project details more of the story:

Left with nowhere else to go, Mireille is sent to live with her uncle in France – but the man who acts as her escort is the worst person imaginable for such a delicate job. Lyon is a tactless man who only really seems to care about telling tasteless jokes and seducing older women, and Mireille hates him with every inch of her being.

At least, she would. She wants to. But unfortunately, life isn’t always that simple.

Empty Horizons Features:

  • Writing/Programming by Ebi-Hime, artwork by SillySelly, and music by TyberAlyx
  • Alternate endings
  • Unlockable Extras, including a CG Gallery, Music Box, Bonus Art, and Notes from Ebi-Hime
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards

You can watch the release trailer below:

Empty Horizons is available now on PC-via Steam.

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