Muv-Luv received a Western release on PC-via Steam on July 14. The game originally came out in Japan on CD format in 2003. This would be the first time the game has been officially released in the West, thanks to a successful Kickstarter.

Since Muv-Luv‘s release, players have given the game praise, through user ratings on Steam. However, it seems the game’s CGs have received some widescreen cropping. Whether this is an improvement or not is up to the player, but Twitter user MaouXII has posted the images side-by-side for all to see.

Here are the three comparisons. The original is on the left with the Steam version on the right:


MuvLuv-2 (2)


As mention before, these seem to be edits made to fit widescreen displays.

Additionally, Degica is looking into fixing the issue:

Muv-Luv is available now on PC-via Steam.

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Thanks, YoRHa2.

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