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Love Live! Sunshine!! | Close Up

Anime viewers are often heard joking around in conversation about “who is best girl”. To be honest, I’m not exempt from this, as I too indulge in the friendly best girl disagreement at times. However, I didn’t choose the otaku life style, it chose me. So, let’s get serious.

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The anime series Love Love! features a cast of girls that form a school idol group in order to save their school. Throughout the two-season run, it’s difficult to not choose one idol to stick with and become her biggest fan. Maki was that idol for me. Even though she is animated, her character and performance was so cool. Anyway, I began collecting figures and merchandise featuring the idol. Also, I understand this is what these anime studios are aiming to do, but I just got caught up with it all. To make this piece even more cringe worthy, I would seek out Maki figures at conventions until I realized that I had nearly all of them. So, here’s my predicament: School Idol! Sunshine!! has just begun airing and I can’t seem to make a choice on who best girl should be. Before, Maki stood out so easily to me, but this time I’m going to take further precaution for the sake of my dignity and my wallet.

Love Live! Sunshine!! | oprainfall

The new series of Love Live! has brought in a new cast of girls and a new setting. After watching both of the current episodes, I’m feeling torn on who should get the title of best girl. I have friends telling me it’s Riko, and others telling me it’s Hanamaru, but when they ask me who is best girl, I freeze up. The only thing I can think of is who I see defending the same way I defend Maki. It’s not even the money part that I’m concerned about; I’d gladly purchase as many things as I can featuring best girl. My concerns come with making the right choice.

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There are nine girls in the new idol group called Aqours. This means there are nine possible choices that I can make. I envy those of you who have made your choice. How do you know you made the right one? Could it be that I’m thinking too hard on the subject. I most likely am, but I still don’t have a concrete answer for who best girl is and I would like your help. Please, let me know who you think I should choose and I will take all comments into consideration when I come to a decision. I trust your judgments and opinions!

The new cast:

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Takami

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Sakurauchi

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Matsuura

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Kurosawa

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Watanabe

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Tsushima

Love Live! Sunshine!! | Kunikida

Love Live! Sunshine!! | OharaLove Live! Sunshine!! | Kurosawa

This niche market is sometimes made fun or looked down upon by some social groups. I hope this editorial of me being open about something that some people might not want to share with others helps them embrace the otaku lifestyle. Even though it’s made me pretty poor, one can’t put a price on best girl.

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