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Sega Europe has announced on Tuesday that they have acquired Endless series developer Amplitude Studios.

The acquisition will definitely boost the PC line-up of studios that Sega already has, including Sports Interactive, Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment. The company is certainly showing their determination to penetrate the PC market with very popular studios and IPs.

Sega says this about the acquisition-via email:

Based in Paris, France, Amplitude Studios were formed in 2011 with a single goal: to create the best strategy games with the help of players. Using a unique development method, Amplitude Studios give their community the opportunity to contribute to the development of their games from an early stage. Using an open crowd-sourced development process known as GAMES2GETHER, the studio is able to incorporate and implement player feedback and ideas into an ever evolving design document to ensure the games meet the expectations of players and garner the international acclaim they deserve.

Following the acquisition, SEGA have taken on the publishing responsibilities for the fourth game in the Endless series, the eagerly anticipated, Endless Space 2. The sequel to the award winning Endless Space is a turn-based, 4X space-strategy game that focuses on an age of space colonization and interstellar empire building with a variety of unique civilizations from within the Endless universe. Endless Space 2 is due to go into Steam Early Access later this year, more details on that soon. Additionally, SEGA will assume publishing responsibility for the back catalogue of Endless games and any associated future content.

Sega-Europe has produced the following: Total War: Warhammer, Dawn of War III, WARHAMMER 40,000, Company of Heroes, and Motorsport Manager.

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