Aksys Games have announced at Anime Expo they will be localising the recently released Otomate title Period:Cube for PS Vita in North America.

This otome game, in conjunction with a drama CD stars a girl that wakes up in a fantasy video game after seeking to solve the mysteries of her missing brother and has to clear the video game in order to return home, however she is also the target of all the enemies in the game. Naturally, being an otome there is also love interests at play too.

Here is a full rundown via VNDB.

A combination drama CD series and Vita game.

With the help of your childhood friend, Hiroya, you decide to play the online RPG game “Arcadia” in order to look for clues as to the whereabouts of your missing older brother.

You are suddenly engulfed by a blinding light and lose conscious. When you wake up, you find that the scenery has changed into that of a video game fantasy world.

As you are overwhelmed by the sudden twist of events, you learn a terrible truth: to escape this deadly world, you must clear the game.

In this cruel world, you were selected to become the key to clearing the game – the holy sword. With this, you are the target of everyone!

This game is due to release in 2017. No word on a European release yet.

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