Since this current console generation is getting ever closer to ending, rumors, and speculations have been surrounding Sony & Microsoft on their next generation console. While Microsoft has stated that they won’t be revealing their next console this year, we do know that it’s coming.

Recently a set of leaked photos of  a supposed development kit for the next Xbox code named, ‘Durango‘ has surfaced to our delight. The source was from a username DaE who posted the pictures on the AssemblerGames forums, where he tried to sell the system for 10k according to IGN. Though it doesn’t end there. Digital Foundry then checked with other developers working on next-generation games, and they claimed that the images are legit.

Codenamed Durango, the 64-bit dev kit runs on Intel CPUs, an NVIDIA graphics card, and 8GB of RAM. Digital Foundry noted that dev kits often run on twice as much memory (RAM) as the retail version of the system, “to accommodate debugging tools and other systems.”

The specs seem to line up with Microsoft’s documents that previously leaked a month before, and according to DaE, Microsoft sent the latest version of the dev kits in February.

Microsoft was reached for comments, but declined and only considered it as a rumor.

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