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God Eater Resurrection is out Now on PSN

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Bandai Namco has released their monster-slaying action game God Eater Resurrection on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita-via PSN.

The company writes this about the game-via email:

In GOD EATER RESURRECTION players take control of the newest recruit to the Fenrir Organization’s Far East Branch, a New Type God Eater with a rare ability to wield a God Arc capable of transforming between blade and gun forms. Players will be tasked with accepting missions from their home base to hunt down vicious Aragami, evil monstrosities with god-like adaptability. Immune to conventional weaponry, the Aragami have forced humanity into small decrepit pockets of civilization in a devastated world. The Aragami’s single known weakness is the God Arc, a living weapon constructed from Oracle Cells. Players can use the Oracle Cells within their God Arc to devour the essence of defeated Aragami to upgrade their weapons to take on more formidable opponents.

Players will have a variety of God Arcs to choose from before they head out on missions that best suit their play styles. Players will also be able to coordinate their loadouts with friends in the game’s online cooperative multiplayer mode. Team up with up to three friends online to take on story mode missions and use the team’s combined skills to topple Aragami and enjoy GOD EATER RESURRECTION’s storyline together.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

God Eater Resurrection is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita-via PSN in North America.

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