Promo Art for Magnolia, Bravely Second

Bravely Second
(JAPAN) Depending on how well-received Bravely Second is after its release, there’s a possibility that Bravely Third will follow it up, according to Bravely Second’s producer Tomoya Asano.

“It might make you say ‘What?!’ given the timing, but I already have the concept for Bravely Third in me,” Asano told Famitsu in their latest issue. “If sales for [Bravely Second] are good enough, I’m planning to immediately submit a proposal. Please give me your support!”

Assistant Producer Shinji Takahashi also spoke about the length of Bravely Second, estimating it would take around 50 hours for players to complete the storyline, and over 100 hours if you’re more of a completionist.

Bravely Second


Bravely Second will be available on April 23rd in Japan.



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