Compile Heart have released a new trailer for Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates (via a new Genkai Tokki YouTube channel) showcasing in detail the “Chest Growth” system present within the game. In other words, the fanservice.

As you can see, it makes use of the Vita’s touchscreen in…interesting ways. Using the Vita’s touchscreen on the breasts can change the size and position of the breasts in both height and distance from each other, which can be used to change the stats of the character as outlined previously, even if the end result look a bit unrealistic. Compile Heart know what kind of game they are developing here, and aren’t afraid to show it.

They also released screenshots showing both the dungeons and the ‘Chest Growth’ system on various characters within the game. The back-end of this screenshot gallery is NSFW.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is releasing in Japan on August 4th for PS Vita. No word on a Asian English release.


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