The newest The Legend of Zelda title, coming to Wii U and the next Nintendo console, is titled Breath of the Wild. The trailer, like everything else we’ve seen, is doing a good job of giving us lots of new info while still being cryptic in a way. Here it is. Below, I’ll point out what I’ve noticed:

In addition to confirming more voice acting for the game, it’s evident that climbing really will be a major part of the game — not only cliffs as in the previous art, but also buildings (in a noticeably Assassin’s Creed-like moment). However, that seems to be just one part of exploring the massive world that Nintendo has been bragging about. Link is shown cutting down a tree to cross a ravine, creating magical blocks to climb on, and rolling boulders on his enemies.

One thing that looks new and interesting is what appears to be hunting. We see Link shoot some kind of boar, and then, later on, he’s cooking something over a campfire. What will this mean for our trek through Hyrule?

Finally, the combat looks intense. Every blow is more impactful than ever, and I see some new moves and even new weapons cropping up. Plus, big explosions are a nice touch.

What part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are you most excited about?

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Phil Schipper
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