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Square Enix has revealed more information about their up coming RPG World of Final Fantasy for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

This update is to introduce new characters, as well as, Final Fantasy alumni Vivi (Final Fantasy IX), Yuna (Final Fantasy X), and Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

  • Dark Knight Brendires – The commander and king of the Bahamut Army. he has plans to invade every country and rule all of Grymoire
  • Seguriwades – A member on staff of the Bagamut Army. He works together with Brendires to come up with victory strategies.
  • Masked Woman – A woman who is accompanied by Carbuncle. She will offer advice through out the main story.
  • Bahamut Soldier – An enemy that will attack you’re party.
  • Vivi – A black mage that uses black magic.
  • Yuna – Able to cast heal magic on your party.
  • Cloud – releases a very powerful Omnishlash against the enemy.
  • Warrior of Light – Damages a single enemy using the power of light.
  • Lightning – Deals damage that ignores enemies defense.
  • Mirages – Odin, Undead Princess, and Descal.

World of Final Fantasy is coming out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2016.



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