plastic memories

5pb has revealed some new information for their upcoming adventure game Plastic Memories for the PlayStation Vita-via Weekly Famitsu.

The Plastic Memories game will follow close to the love story told in the anime of the same name. Tsukasa Mizugaki gets a job working at the SAI Corp. His job description includes finding androids that are soon to be expired. This means turning them off and taking them from their owners. His partner, Isla, is also an android with a time limit, but he just so happens to fall in love with her.

plastic memories-2

Players will be able to plan out their days with Isla using a calendar. As you choose what to do, more options will be enabled, allowing multiple routes to open up. Additionally, free DLC costumes for Isla will be given to those who pre-order the game.

Plastic Memories is coming to the PlayStation Vita and will release on October 13 in Japan.

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