Nintendo Details Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Localization

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

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Nintendo has released a statement concerning the localization process that their Fire Emblem cross Shin Megami Tensei RPG Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

The company tells Game Informer that Atlus has taken up the reins for the localization of text and that any in-game changes were done to insure the game is met by the Nintendo’s standards in other regions.

You can read the statement below:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was localized by Atlus in a way that is consistent with the localization work they do on games they publish,” reads a statement from Nintendo of America. “It was a priority to ensure the game feels familiar and appeals to longtime Atlus fans. Any changes made to the in-game content were due to varying requirements and regulations in the many different territories Nintendo distributes its products.

The quality of Nintendo’s in house localization has been put on the chopping block multiple times by Nintendo fans and gamers in the past. Atlus seems to want to insure that the tone of the game carries over from the Japanese version to other regions. Time will tell what cosmetic changes have been made to final localized product.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is coming to the Wii U on June 24.

  • MGNoxa

    Outfits have already been made less revealing and some other changes are rumoured but not yet proven… The game is set in Japan and it’s about Idols (I think, they definitely play a big part), their outfits are nowhere near as revealing as what some western pop stars wear at the same age yet because it’s video games you gotta change it because “think of the children” or “muh feelings”

  • RepeatingDigits

    So… they’re making changes to a game that bombed in japan? Are they out of their mind? Do they want it to bomb even HARDER on the US?

    • Or they could not localize it at all and not bother bringing it here to North America and then you are left with buying a Japanese Wii U and importing the original Japanese game to boot. Best of luck with that. Since honestly we’re are lucky that they are localizing it at all since the sales of the title were so low in Japan.

      They could’ve just said “well guess no one want to play this” and said f*ck and left it out there in their home country.

      But hey they make clothing less revealing and other minute changes that don’t affect game play or story and lets just say “F*ck you Nintendo and your censorship, I’m not buying it anyhow” and show them that it’s completely worthless to localize obscure Japanese games to begin with.

      Congrats! Good job! Here’s hoping for more anime and Japanese culture centric titles coming to the west.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      Localizations are not favors. They are products. No one is lucky for having the ability to buy it. No one is obligated to do so either no matter how hard you try to make them be.

      That logic brings up a question though. What do you actually want from a localization? I want the game in a language I can understand. Your logic however requires you have exactly zero standards. As long as a company says “This is a localized version of X” you would not only be willing to spend money on it, but consider yourself lucky for the opportunity.

      Keep attempting to guilt anyone that doesn’t desperately fling their money at whatever drek purported to be a localization this week. Just know that you look like a lunatic.

    • Actually in some cases localization are favors. Done to make fan bases happy.

      In some instances a company sees no value in localizing a game. Citing sales of other foreign titles under performing and so forth. It’s why during the life of the original Wii, Nintendo of America couldn’t care less about localizing JRPG’s and bringing them here to the west.

      Apparently you forget why this site was even founded. Because NOA had “no plans to bring Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower” to the west. Ultimately they only ended up bringing over one of those games (after a lot of coaxing at that) and they did an extremely limited release, simply because they didn’t see it as a viable game to generate profit.

      These games absolutely are products no doubt about it, but if a company sees nothing to gain from releasing them here then they simply won’t bother.

      They also have to keep the localization fit for the region they are releasing it in, or even for a companies image. It’s why adjustments are made. Honestly if they were butchering the game play or the story or the content then yeah, I’d be upset.

      But everyone here is up in arms over panty shots and boob cleavage. Seriously. Yet somehow I’m a lunatic for even suggesting it’s silly to pull my pitchfork out of the closet for something so minor.

  • So basically, Atlus is still doing their thing, but under direct orders from Nintendo. So in the end, the blame can still fall on Nintendo for any bullshit censorship that occurs (which already has). At least it was nice of them to hurry up and paint the target on their own backs and not leave us hanging on who’s responsible.

    Also, Nintendo should probably lay off the false advertisement if they’re gonna censor all the things that would make the game “shamelessly over-the-top”, and not include the fan-service we would “savor”.

  • Brimfyre

    I don’t understand why they don’t get that they only loose customers when they censor. They don’t gain anything from it. I just want to meet the people who are in charge of this weird shit at NoA and just look them in the eyes and shake my head.

    • Nicholas Perry

      There’s a great quote for this

      What you need to understand is that these companies are very, very risk
      averse. I mean, fear of lawsuits because we used “Neptune” instead of
      “Neptunia”? What else do you need to hear to know that risk is the last
      thing most of these places want to take?

      Replace lawsuits with PC moral hypocritical outrage.

    • PanurgeJr

      It’s the louder, hypocritical localization-is-censorship outrage found here and elsewhere that they’re reacting to. That’s the risk they’re averse to.

    • Ayame Kajou

      The funny thing is that their actions of censoring game is what is getting outrage, yet they keep ignoring it.

      If they were really risk averse they would try to avoid angering people who dislike censorship… especially with a game like this where I’m pretty sure a very large amount of the potential market are against censorship.

    • PanurgeJr

      Fire Emblem Fates, the highest selling FE title in NA ever, would argue that localization increases sales.

    • There was actually a large amount of FE fans who were thrilled to see the Skinship removed and text context changed so that character like Soleil weren’t drugged into liking men.

      But hey don’t tell that to the “censorship police”.

    • Joey

      PanurgeJr is a regular oprainfall troll and has been rude to the site managers before, I’d say you’re better off not engaging them in any form of debate.

    • I wasn’t debating him though. I agree that the localization probably put a lot of peoples minds at ease who had issues with some of the content in the original version.

    • Brimfyre

      They were only excited after the fact when they knew it was a divisive issue. They would have bought the game regardless. They weren’t loosing sales by keeping skinship in.

    • Brimfyre

      Yes that is of course the problem. There is no good way to prove sales with censorship vs sales without censorship. All I know is that there wouldn’t be anyone who would stop buying an uncensored game where there are people who won’t buy a game for censorship. It might not really affect their bottom line, but it seems stupid to participate in any practice that creates lower sales no matter how small.

      If anything, more man hours, time energy and money are wasted in created censored assets, and therefore that is more cost poured into a project, more money wasted, for something completely needless.

  • razisgosu

    Fuck Nintendo and their bogus lies. They’re obviously the ones forcing the changes.

  • Dgnfly

    Seems i won’t ever regret not getting a nintendo console ever again.
    Here some altered costume changes some users posted at Niche gamer.

    • Paychi

      Fuckin’ A. I try to avoid this shit now, because I’m never supporting Nintendo again, but for some reason I keep looking. It’s so bad I can’t look away…

    • Really? REALLY?! You are upset cause they chose to alter her costume from what is clearly underwear (maybe swimsuit) to pants?

      That this somehow ruins the game play mechanics, or story of the game?

      Anyone who is honestly pissed and boycotting over this shit has some serious issues. You are literally the reason why anime fans are looked down upon as being nothing more than pervs.

    • Dgnfly

      Please spare me the moron excuse you ppl use, that is as long as you deem a game worthy everybody should buy it cause. your alrdy butthurt for ppl posting this or else you woulden’t bother replying also the hardcore fans do we aren’t sell-outs like you folks.

      Also if you don’t like fan-service please stop watching anime cause you might get offended, so please stay in your saferoom and stop whining about what other ppl feel is butchering original content.
      ppl like you are the reason we can’t have anything compete cause you’d buy a bag of shit as long as its got a certain game title or made for a certain company.

    • fukin savage mate.

    • Dgnfly

      How is that savage? its true that the only reason this censorship keeps happening is cause these ppl advocate buying it, and we seen the result going as far as censoring art with the Bravely default second art book.

      Nowadays ppl would excuse any alteration just cause they have the mindset if we don’t buy it, it’ll disappear.
      And let’s be honest there is nothing wrong with fan-service or the anime industry so there is no need for alteration cause it effect nobody physicaly and if it does mentaly they just need to stop buying those games instead of forcing their weak minded idea’s on the rest.

    • You think a company will continue to localize and release products that don’t sell? lol

      Hahahahahaha…… OMG… that is rich. This may be the funniest thing I’ve read today.

    • Dgnfly

      Your delusional idea is that they will stop, they won’t nintendo barely has any games so instead of releasing them butchered ppl could speak out and affect sales so they wil change their ways. there is reason nobody like nintendo todays its cause they bow down to filthy casuals like you.

      Your comment just shows how delusional you are, thinking we would stoop as low as you in that kinda deluded believe that a butchered game is localization.

    • You believe it’s delusional to think that a company will stop localizing games if they don’t make profit off of the process?

      I thought that was the funniest thing I had read, but you managed to top it. How much deeper are you going to go down this rabbit hole?

      I’m all for constructive criticism, and saying how you feel about something, but seriously watching kids like you have a tantrum over minor changes and referring to it as butchering is a riot.

    • Dgnfly

      Your just a fanboy thats afraid of the fact that nintendo has nothing to show for its console with zero third party support so they have to release it anyway or else they woulden’t have released bayonetta with its godawful sales.

      Your so disillusioned that you think nintendo has something to show on its console, they have to release these games or else nintendo has barely any games to show so they won’t stop releasing this or else they would be a joke considering that’s why they been failing non-stop.

      Sorry but your disillusinal view is we need to buy cause you feel its only minor and we are all nothing but pervs because we don’t mind fan-service and like i said if you hate it why not stop liking anime or else you might get butthurt, kinda like now!

      There is a difference between me and you, considering you act like a kid that feels we need to buy the product or else you might not play the next one, and then you bitch about us being pervs cause we aren’t butthurt by a bit of skin so who is the bigger kid the one that whine’s and needs stuff altered or the person who accepts thing for what they are?
      cause up till now only you been bitching non-stop at us for not buying into your political correct bullshit mind.

    • So I’m a little kid because I understand why companies make certain choices in regards to localization?

      But you aren’t a little kid for having a hissy fit when someone takes away his cleavage and panty shots?

      Seriously… this is the richest conversation I’ve had in a long time.

      The funny thing is I never said I personally have something against cleavage or panties in a game. Nor did I say I wanted them to alter it to be more “PG”. I have absolutely no issue with adult, graphic material. The difference though is that when a company makes the decision to change sensitive material to make something more accessible, I understand why, and I don’t throw a tantrum over it. Which is ultimately what I’m getting at. When so called “fans” have these hissy fits, it actually makes anime/video game fans look bad, and like it’s all we give a damn about.

      Which many of us don’t, there’s a lot more to video games and anime a like. We can enjoy anime with fan service sure, but if somewhere down the line it gets toned down, like any other adult we can understand why it happened. Ultimately it doesn’t change a good game from being just that.

      I still think it’s funny though that you believe companies will continue to release games that are unsuccessful though. Please tell that to fans of all the series out there that have died out from poor sales showings.

    • Dgnfly

      No your the whining kid cause you feel we need to buy it rcause you feel so. and then whines at anybody with a opposite viewpoint so you can feel good aobut your delusional self.

      No i’m just assesing if i want to enjoy the product without your baby alteration causes you can’t take some cleavage or skin. and based on not wanting to conform to your delusional way i decide to not buy it.

      Your obviously against it or else you woulden’t be calling us pervs for accepting fan-service and your acceptance of censorship as a norm makes you a joke to the anime industry, cause you feel that your views are allowed to be forced on it while we stand for what the artist feels it should be and this is not what the artist wanted it to be so its censorship.

      Like i said if you feel anime needs to conform to your delusional viewpoint please stop liking anime cause all your doing is promoting censorship of fictional character like so many delusional SJW do nowadays.

      You seem to be forgetting that bandai namco changed its stance because ppl refusal to buy games with english dub only and to bring games that would otherwise never release in the west, all because we took a stand isntead of selling out like ppl like you do!

      All niche games are unsuccessful but they are made successful by listening to hardcore fans not selling out to SJW crybabys like you.

      Also your the only one whining to other ppl for their viewpoints for not buying the game, cause they do have a sense of integrity there should be no censorship in creativity while you advocate butchering for you feel good moment. Kinda shows you’d sell out your freedom as long as you think its appropriate.

    • No I want to buy it because I want to play it. Because it looks like it will be a fun and enjoyable game regardless of whether they’ve made some changes that honestly really aren’t a big deal. That said I’m not going to try and make a ridiculous claim like “By not supporting something and whining about it, I’m sure that company will continue to produce that product and others like it”. Cause that is just silly.

      What I said before was “You are literally the reason why anime fans are looked down upon as being NOTHING MORE than pervs.”

      I’m against fans bitching and whining because minor things (specifically when it’s fan servicey stuff) are changed. Cause when it’s things like this that anime fans freak out and throw tantrums over, it does make us all look like the stereotypical NEET otaku who is obsessed with only the perverted aspects of the media we consume.

      I’m down with fan service, but I don’t freak out and throw a hissy fit tantrum when a company, especially a game one, decides to try and make something more accessible. You can call it butchering or whatever… but to me it’s trimming the fat. Butchering implies that when it’s done, it’s not even recognizably similar to the source material. These changes don’t even ruin the creative integrity of the game. The ideas, the story, it’s all the same. The difference is you aren’t going to see a small drawn line on a character model between her chests.

      This is literally my view. I never said “I’m pro censorship” and “everything needs to be censored”. The only things I’ve really said was that people who are freaking out over these things and throwing a tantrum are in fact ridiculous. And second that I understand why companies do make these changes. Which is why I accept that it does in fact happen. Hopefully I’ve actually broken this down enough for you to actually understand this time since apparently it hasn’t been clear that this (despite saying it from the start).

      I’ll wait for a worth while cause to actually stand up for creative freedom (Honestly it should be noted that Nintendo did in part create this game, so they have every right to change it as they see fit… especially since Fire Emblem is their IP). You know when they completely change a games entire story or setting or even core game play mechanics. I don’t want to cry over every little thing and look ridiculous.

    • Dgnfly

      I like how you non-stop try to play the high in mighty by thinking your helping anime by supporting butchering artist works and them claiming its to help em.

      If you against the bitching and whining how about you stop about our choice then like isaid we don’t fall under the sell-out ppl that will just buy anything like a retarded Drone. And your laugable when you non-stop claim your for Fan-service but we are a bunch of perverts just cause we have the integrety to keep content how it was meant to be.

      you pretty much sounding like a broken record the same old bullshit as defense cause insults are always used when there are no valid reason to defend a publihser from butchering the game so you claim we are pervert for just taking things for what they are while you a guy who sell-out cause a publisher says so are and you call censorship trimming as an excuse so you can feel good about yourself yet denying the fact that your buying makes this constantly happen.

      Funny how you bullshit your way around the example of Fire emblem and act like that might be small trimming also your more deluded then i thought. like i said they could sell you a bag of shit and you’d still buy it.

      The only reason your not saying your pro censorship is so you can excuse why your buying it or else you’d be admitting your selling out. so now your focus is to pretend your against it while screaming we are perverts for prefering the original content but seem that concept is lost on you.

      Wauw the more i read the bigger joke you become considering you broke nothing down except your excuse for buying it and feel we should do the same cause you feel so.

      Stop your own whining, we made our choice so you should accept that and stop whinig at every user who feel otherwise, your just selling out cause of deluded idea that its localizations. cause only thing you made clear you have nothing to stand on but your own whining opinion about you wanting this game and demanding ppl like it too and buy it if you like the game so much how about buying a 100 copies then instead of forcing us to like a butchered version of the game..

    • You’re still going?

      Again what butchering? What in any of this news is “butchering”. Nothing is being butchered get over it. Also the artists work is Nintendo. It’s their game… they funded it… it’s their IP… it’s their choice to have their characters displayed in a way that they see fit for a specific audience. That is their creative choice and freedom as the authors of the game. You are getting mad at them for doing what they want with their own game.

      Honestly bitch and whine all you like. My point is simple… it’s retarded that you actually care that much about panties and cleavage that you are actually letting it detract from your enjoyment of something. See again… when that is what you care about more than anything else… above all the other reasons to get angry over censorship, this is the one people are so pissed off about… it makes us look stupid. All of us. Sorry to be a broken record but apparently you don’t seem to understand how silly it is.

      You can go around talking about how you aren’t a sell out or have standards, or how you aren’t some drone but if you ask me you are mindlessly wrapped up in your own pretentious attitude. If you don’t want to buy it, all the more power to you. Still it’s a silly reason to not support something, or to out right complain about it. You should set your standards a bit higher in regards to picking your fights.

      Like for example when the UN was telling Japan that they had to start putting their media in check in regards to “violence against women in their media” that’s a real reason to fight for the creative rights of artists in Japan. Not this bull crap. Not for what a company does with their own game of their own choice.

      This is the stupidest reason to “hate” a developer, or to refuse to play a game. That’s honestly all I’ve ever said and I still stand by it. It’s incredibly stupid reason to crucify them just cause they took something away you wanted (in this case some panties and cartoon cleavage). That’s the biggest joke. I’m not telling you to go out and buy it, if you don’t want to play the game that’s totally fine, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to laugh at you for picking such a stupid reason to bitch and complain about.

      If you really think I’m pro-censorship and against fan service you can look through my MAL account to see every anime I’ve watched to date (more or less).

    • Dgnfly

      The only one still going is you and your whining ass about my us needing to buy the game or else your act like the crybaby and bitch your opinion that nobody gives afuck about to anybody who has a different opinion i’d say grow up or get out off the anime industry we don’t neeed losers like you who need censorship. And about your MAL accounti don’t give a fuck your the one whining at anybody who says he is not buying it so that show what a butthurt Nintendo fanboy you are. grow the fuck up we are not gonna sell out liek you we are not gonna buy it and we don’t give a fuck about your opinion.


      Seriously stop putting words in my mouth, is it honestly the best you got? I never told people to buy it.

      All I said was that you can’t expect a developer to continue localizing or creating new entries in a franchises that are unsupported and not to be surprised if this is where it ends and we see fewer and fewer games being localized. This applies to any game company. Simple as that. The fact that you think other wise is stupid, and that’s all I’ve been saying this whole damn time.

      It’s funny how I’m the cry baby for what reason? Oh that’s right pointing out that some commentators here are actually the ones being cry babies over their panties and cleavage being taken away.

      You can call yourself someone “with standards” or that isn’t a “sell out” but it doesn’t change that you are actually having a tantrum or something as small as say when they changed Ganondorf’s blood from red to green in the NA version. May as well boycott Zelda, or boycott any other game ever localized that has had minor changes.

      I sure hope you refuse to play every video game that has ever had minor localization changes. Something tells me you don’t though, and probably even own games from the past that have had minor details censored. Some you probably don’t even know about.

      I’m guessing your standards are very selective.

    • Dgnfly

      Your whining bitch ass that keep talking like a little bitch that we are just a bunch a whino’s cause we don’t conform to your dumbass standard, damn your a whining bitch stil lgoing on.

    • Ayame Kajou

      A game is a whole experience. Not just pressing some buttons. The visual elements and how they react are very important too.

      Even meta elements of game are important to the enjoyability such as the attitude of the people/companies giving you the games.

  • Joey

    I still want this game, but I doubt I’ll end up playing it in the end unless I buy it used. You cannot blindly trust Nintendo to bring over niche titles unscathed, and shifting the blame to Atlus only makes them look incompetent. You cannot fool anyone.

    • Dgnfly

      Yeah this is just to push the blame towards ATLUS, but then agains ATLUS had their SJW scum working there like Nich Maragos with his wanting to stop Senran kagura to be published west.

      Scroll down for info on that scumbag that now works for Treehouse.

    • Joey

      I heard about Nich a while back. His roomforeveryone video wound me up, and he knows it’s porvocative, otherwise he wouldn’t have disabled comments and ratings. He’s entitled to his opinion but if he really feels that strong why is he working in a niche localiser that brings those kinds of games over? He should surely be in western games publishing instead. Luckily Senran Kagura was a success, and hopefully this means more of Takaki’s games will come over, if only to spite agenda-pushers like himself.

      Like I said, he’s entitled to his opinion, but when people like him use it to try to get rid of supposedly questionable like that for good just because he is against them, that is when the line is crossed.

      I feel sorry for ATLUS here. I hope that some information leaks out about Nintendo’s true influence over the product – and I don’t just include the censorship changes, of course.

    • Dgnfly

      I know what you mean and feel the same way, the most annoying about the whole affair is their agenda pushing in the gaming industry. that’s why i feel we need to push back against the insanity that is SJW or Feminism with their Political correct agenda.

      Good news is that Takaki has expressed interest in bringing his other games now, all thanks to senran kagura succes.

      Well i kinda don’t feel sorry for ATLUS cause they still staying bias on the dual audio thing considering they refuse to show the result of their poll about it, which makes me think that most ppl voted for japanese audio included.

  • Ayame Kajou

    How Much Censored is This Thing?