Finding a Way to Grow: An Interview With Idea Factory International

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

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Megadimension Neptunia VII | Monster

At the end of March, oprainfall was invited to visit the Idea Factory International HQ in Los Angeles, CA. We had the opportunity to sit down with the marketing team, David Alonzo and Ari Advincula, to talk about the future of Idea Factory International and how they plan to introduce JRPGs to a wider crowd. The Neptunia series provides Idea Factory International with enough games to work on and probably succeed as a small localization business, but no one in the office wants to stop there. They are all so determined in bringing as many titles and genres as they can to the West. It was exciting to meet them and witness just how powerful the young company is.

idea factory international

Idea Factory International has localized plenty of new IPs including Fairy Fencer F and Trillion. How does the studio determine what games to bring to the West aside from the popular Neptunia series?

David – There’s so many different factors to that, but it’s kinda like “yea sure, we can bank on Neptunia” because that’s a franchise. Since we are company that’s just starting out we want to expand and branch out to bring over all these other Japanese games. We’ve been experimenting, like we brought over Amnesia: Memories which is an otome game and we’re bringing over Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force. We just want to test the waters with everything that we bring over.

Ari – We’re still pretty new; we’ve only been around for 3 years. So right now we are just trying different genres outside of the Neptunia franchise to see what works so that we can move on from there.

David – Having Idea Factory in Japan really helps. They are always making games so we have a lot to choose from so that’s kinda what we’re doing right now.

Does fan demand factor into what games you choose to localize and how does Idea Factory International check and see if Western fans are interested in the new IP your team has been localizing?

David – I like to check forums, like Gamefaqs, but we also want to see how well it did in Japan and see if that will translate in the US. I know, there is a difference between the Japanese market and the US market, but the people in the US that are interested in these niche titles fall a little more in line to how the Japanese consumers react to games. There have been times when we went on and check user reviews. So we do look at fan discussions a lot and in both markets.

Is there a particular time when a game is development that Idea Factory International wants to pick it up or do you usually wait for the release?

David – I think we are aware of what they have in development. They’ll come by and visit and tell us what they have, but I’m not sure when the deals get made. Jack Niida, our producer, has a direct line to Japan and he goes there a lot.

Ari – Yes he’s doing most of the discussions and talking, but in terms of when we actually see the project, it’s more towards the end. So the title has been decided, there’s character art already made and a game doc ready. So, no way is it decided in the middle of development stages.

idea factory international

There’s a few different localizing companies bring games to the West. How does Idea Factory International plan to grow and reach more players?

David – I think we’re starting to kinda do that right now with Trillion: God of Destruction. We are starting to branch out from the turn based fighting style.

Ari – In Japan there’s [the game studio] Makai Ichiban Kan who made Trillion: God of Destruction and they are going to be making two more games to complete that trilogy.

David – That means that new games are going to be coming outside of the Neptunia genre and we’re definitely keeping an eye on that.

What is it about Neptunia that makes her so appealing to fans?

David – I think it’s just [that] the characters themselves are immersed in the gaming world and that’s something people can easily identify with.

Ari – I think gamers really relate to Neptunia because it’s just like how gamers talk. So when they are playing they get a solid representation of those conversations.

David – Yes, and each form represents a different form of otaku gamer.

We started a conversation about Neptunia character designer, Tsunako. She has worked on games like Cross Edge and Fairy Fencer F as well as worked as an illustrator for the the Date-a-Live series. Tsunako had a exhibit displayed at a museum in Japan which showed off all her work in the industry, including Neptunia. 

I know you probably can’t talk about this but how did Neptunia VII sell in the West?

David – It was received really well.

Ari – I think it had to do with the PlayStation 4 being the first console for some players, so this is first time they are being exposed to a JRPG. It was most interesting to hear from those people saying, “I’ve never seen Neptunia before. I’ve never even seen this kind of game and I love it!”

David – I think Neptunia has gone under the radar this past console generation for most players.

Ari – Yea because some people don’t have a Vita for some reason.

Some video game sites, I feel, like to make spectacles of niche gamers. When writing about a niche game they focus on one part-which is usually a fan service scene-rather than the story. How do you market a niche game to kinda show the casual gamer “no, there is more than that”?

Ari – For example with Trillion: God of Destruction, we started doing a video series that showed step-by-step gameplay and we also attended PlayStation Experience last year. So what makes Trillion niche, aside from the artwork, is the genre. So when we were at PlayStation Experience [we were] able to put ourselves, as a niche company, in a venue amongst all these more casual gamers and show them, “No, this is what niche gaming is like, you can understand this”.

David – Being able to stand with them and guide them through how the game is played allowed them to be able to get a better sense of it. On Steam we’ve gotten a lot of emails saying, “I’ve never played a Neptunia game before and now I’m super hooked.”

Ari – Yea, now when we announce a Neptunia game we get “Don’t leave the Steam fans hanging”.

Did you feel like you saw an increase in fans when a more action oriented game like Neptunia U released on Steam?

David – I think it did. A lot of people saw the gameplay and saw that it was more like Dynasty Warriors.

Ari – I think for some people that don’t have a lot of patience for turn based RPGs they saw this as a Neptunia game that they could actually finish versus having to grind through difficult areas.

What was the most difficult part about working on Trillion?

Ari – There was so much dialogue.

David – Being able to translate and edit all that within the time constraints that we had was a miracle. We almost always have one translator and one editor working on the whole thing.

Ari – I’m sure they were thinking, “This is beyond any Neptunia dialogue that we’ve ever faced”

David – The game directors told us they were really excited about creating the game so they kept putting in more and more story dialogue.

Ari – Yea they came to us and said, “So sorry about that”.

David – I’m surprised it even fit on the Vita cartridge due to the amount of text.

Ari – I would contend that Neptunia is harder to translate and localize due to all the puns. There’s so much research that goes into some of the references like, “Wait, this might be a reference to an old anime that only had one episode.”

We began talking about how Neptunia games in Japan contain a lot of fish puns due to references to Japanese characters. 

idea factory international

So who is your favorite Overlord in Trillion?

Ari – Levia, she’s very protective of you and doesn’t want any of the other overlords talking to you. She’s the Yandere type.

David – I like Ashmedia, she’s the overlord of lust-

Ari – The sexual one. [smirks]

David – Yes, but as you play through the game you see more sides of her. She has a sorta motherly feel to her, yes she’s really sexual, but she seems to understand what other characters are thinking and comments on it. I like that she’s a little more nuanced than initially what you think she is.

With Trillion and Neptunia VII it seems we are starting to see a darker side of games. It’s as if Neptunia is growing with fans; are we going to see an increase of the more serious types of games?

David – Well I think VII is a good example of how you can still maintain that quirky humor and still get a little darker with the story. I feel like the dark ending in Re;Birth 2 was them kinda dabbling with a darker story, but with VII you got see how things developed. Even though the story is really dark you can have these bright spots in it. Same with Trillion, even though the world is ending they have these silly dialogue bits.

Is there a game that you would like to see localized that hasn’t yet?

Ari – For me, it’s more otome games. I follow the Otomate Twitter and they are always posting new games and every single one of them looks great. For me, right now, it would be Bad Apple Wars.

David – It would be great to localize more otome, but there is a lot text and we’re still a super small company. Whenever there’s a game coming out it’s not like we are working on that one game. Our team is working on two or three titles at a time. They not only do the editing and translation, but they have to do the debug and 3rd party submissions. So they’ve always got a lot on their plate, so just-

Ari – Just because Ari wants it…[Laughs]

David – Maybe once we get bigger we can start expanding to doing more otome games.

So what games are you guys playing outside of Idea Factory games?

Ari – I’m actually replaying Final Fantasy VII on Steam and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core on PSP.

David – I started playing Persona 4: Golden and then a huge spoiler was revealed to me.

Hope you enjoyed the interview, are you excited for what Idea Factory International has planned for the future? Be sure to comment below with any questions or concerns you might have. Also don’t for get to check out our interview with Idea Factory International’s translation team.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Wait…Trillion is gonna be a trilogy? 😀

    • Same here. First time hearing this.

    • azariosays

      Makai Ichiban Kan is making a trilogy of games, and ifi is keeping their eye on them. The second will be MeiQ no Chika ni Shisu.

    • Kazkari

      Death Under Labrynth is the second

    • An Tran

      I’m going to assume Mary Skelter is the third game.

    • David Mayn

      No, I don’t think so. I’m sure they would have mentioned it by now, but it’s marketed as a self-contained collaboration with Dengeki instead.

    • An Tran

      Kinda weird if it isn’t considering it fits in the same kind of theme as the other two games.

    • Mr0303

      I wonder how they’ll do that. I didn’t get the true ending, but it seemed to me that the story was pretty self contained.

    • Alex Hakeshu Figueiredo

      its going to be a Trilliongy =P

    • XiaomuArisu

      The collection will be hype

    • Davos

      Yes but every game is entirely unrelated in terms of story and characters.

  • AsthislainX

    so… V II for Steam?

  • Mr0303

    I like how IFI know that their audience is niche gamers and cater to them, while trying to introduce the more mainstream player to the games they are localising. It is the best business strategy.

    They also did a tremendous job with Trillion – the character dialogue was one of the best things about the game. Also for the record Levia is indeed the best Overlord – *sad bagpipe music*.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Ruche… T_T

    • Mr0303

      She survived in my playthrough, in fact I killed Trillion with her, but the first 3 Overlords are pretty much doomed.

    • Steve Baltimore

      He just destroyed me lol, but I will do better my next play through since I got some tips 😀

    • Landale

      Tips and a detailed list of what breaks the game so badly you can take Trillion out with one Overlord and zero damage to HP that is.

    • Mr0303

      On New Game + perhaps, but I don’t see it happening on a first playthrough. Trillion’s final form is pretty nasty.

    • Landale

      Nope. Completely possible on the first playthrough. Kept a chain of posts for my progress even if you’d like to see it.

    • Mr0303

      Where did you get the range seal from? Doesn’t it unlock straight after chapter 4/5 when Uriel gives it to you?

    • Landale

      Valley of Swords can drop it at any time.

    • Mr0303

      I never got it. Without something to extend your normal attack range defeating the last form in one go is impossible, due to his shield and the limited amount of turns. So I suppose beating him on the first try is possible if you are lucky.

    • Landale

      It helps, but really it’s not necessary. And even just the +1 to range, Pierce I think it was, would be enough to manage getting through. Auto-critting 4 hit attacks will make short work of the fight when you can get them off, if you can’t get in due to the barrier, Lai until it comes down.

    • Mr0303

      Pierce is the one that Uriel gives you after Ashmedia dies.

      The strategy you described wouldn’t work since Trillion becomes immune to any spell after a single use. Essentially if you don’t have a range extending artefact for your normal attack he is pretty much invincible while the shield is up.

    • Landale

      Ah, I was not aware of that detail, given that I just beat the ever living hell out of it. Pierce, like Range, can be found in Valley of Swords so there’s no real need to wait on Uriel.

    • Mr0303

      You have to have one of those to be successful, so luck is a factor. Otherwise you can’t really touch the final form for a couple of turns, while the shield is up. This means it is more than likely that he’ll reach the end of the map which will be an insta kill, especially with 700 billion HP.

    • Landale

      700 is Dragon Form, 350 is Final Form. The hits you can get off when each is 100% crit chance and hits 4 times? 20-30 billion. 12 to 18 hits is all it takes to kill that form. Slightly more if you run right in, but still given the shield you have plenty of time to charge up regardless.

    • Mr0303

      100% crits are not guaranteed. You will have to do a lot of dodging and running around to get in position and wait for the shields to go down. Plus given that this is the first time fighting the final form it would mean that his wings are still active. Wingflaps will push you away for 3 turns and you still have to catch up to him. Also there is the torso that does two different teleport attacks and can move you around the map. It takes Trillion 5 fork stab moves to get to the end of the map, which he usually does right in between shield activations.

      Without and extended normal attack to bypass the shield the final form can’t be beaten on the first go – you just don’t have the technological time before he reaches the end of the map.

    • Landale

      Ambush is guaranteed crits if you’re in place. Also dodging? That is funny stuff. I went through the fight again, my 10k hits memory was me mixing things up slightly. 10k is the default hit to your minions, add two zeroes for the Overlord. So 1,000,000. 850,000 after Affection Shift returns. Just sitting in the Miasma is only slightly more dangerous due to a lack of RES at 2-3 million. It is still nowhere near able to burn through Affection. You’ll burn out faster dodging than you will just eating all that Trillion throws at you.
      Pictured here are her base stats, stats upon simply reaching Trillion, and just before the final blow.
      Note that at that base SPD, after your first action you begin to out pace Trillion.

    • Landale

      Also, if you’re wondering about how the Affection is that high for a first Overlord on a first play through: Running from the first and second fight. This depletes only half of what you have each time.
      Throw junk gifts at the girl for the first two training periods, buy one Diced Steak five times each day and sell them back, use Vitamins when they’d have full effect, and train every single day. With Mammon, especially if she’s successfully dueled Perpell, it is incredibly easy to get nothing but Excellent and Great to maintain constant Fever Time and Valley of Swords access. More Valley of Swords, more Vitamins, more Vitamins, more Excellents for more Fever Time and Valley of Swords after all.
      The third and final training period? Give the best gifts possible that you’ve saved up, 500k and 1000k especially, keep up on buying and selling Steaks, upgrade the weapon as much as you can, and do nothing but Interact/Order.

      Sure you lose like 95% of the first layer doing this, but that will be all you lose.

    • Mr0303

      I know about Ambush, but you still have to be in position.

      Nothing here disproves my statement about being able to actually hit Trillion without an artefact.

    • Landale

      “You have to be in position” is not the same as “100% crits is not guaranteed”. It is incredibly simple to get into position and stay there, to the point where no hit against Trillion should ever not crit

      I wasn’t saying anything against not being able to hit him without it. I was, however, pointing out that you can easily push enough damage to not need it. Sure it might take five stabs for it to get to the end. But you can very easily deny it those stabs.

      And if you wish to speak of “nothing here disproves my statement”, you have not disproven that it is entirely within reasonable expectation to be able to defeat Trillion with a single girl without the use of NG+. “But you have to get lucky to get this thing or that thing or.” Yeah, sure, but you can tip the odds in your favor easily enough especially with all the time you have. And if random chance discredits all things, well then it’s just straight up impossible to beat Trillion with absolutely everyone because “Bad training day, bad training day, whoops you just said the wrong thing and got cursed, bad training day, whoops you just got injured, nobody’s sparring with you. LOL What stats and skills?”

    • Mr0303

      “it is entirely within reasonable expectation to be able to defeat Trillion with a single girl without the use of NG+” – OK, so let’s summarise shall we?

      You knew exactly how to perfectly train your overlord. You knew not to waste any XP on active skills and knew which passive skills are the best against fighting Trillion. You knew exactly when to escape the different forms so that you can get the extra training time, which implies you knew when he transforms. You knew what the best and worst gifts for the given Overlord are to maximise the Affection. You knew that you need an artefact to easily overcome the shield of the final form. All on your first try against him. Yeah, right.

      Using a guide doesn’t count as a first playthrough in my eyes.

    • Landale

      I didn’t know perfectly actually, there are plenty of useless skills that were picked up. I can, however, figure roughly what would be a good idea based on descriptions. Fun fact, that Mammon run wasn’t even intended to be a one Overlord kill, I started over as my previous go at it was an obvious failure right from the second Overlord’s death. I changed things up, I was not expecting that massive a change. I actually wasted a ton of points on HP and MP that I had no reason to, for the most obvious detail. I could have spent the points on much more useful passive effects to speed things along even more.

      I knew that escaping cut the affection stat in half from the previous clear failure attempt as well, and similarly I saw that the layer loss between slight damage and an immediate retreat were almost identical. Even without this however, given that they make sure you know you can run, it stands to reason that trying to run even once would be wise.
      Did I know Trillion transforms? Of course I did, they advertise that fact right on the game’s site. What I didn’t know, however, was when it Transforms, nor that there was a third form.

      Gifts? No, I didn’t know what was best and what wasn’t. However some common sense can be applied to get proper guesses in and keep track from there with the list maintained in game. Had I known what was best and what was worst right from the start it would have been possible for to have much higher Affection. Similarly I knew that buying things and upgrading weapons boosts Affection, they tell you as much. It was a trial and error thing to find the most ideal method there as well.

      I didn’t know that increasing the range would help the final form dramatically because, again, I had no idea the third form even existed. I have, however, played rogue-likes before and I had also, obviously, had more than a few Valley of Swords runs and from that knew having reach was to have an advantage. Being able to attack minions from a distance? Being able to attack Trillion from a distance when the miasma is up? You can see the value of this right from the very first form. You can see the value of this right in Zeabolos’ tutorial fights.

    • Mr0303

      “I started over as my previous go at it was an obvious failure right from the second Overlord’s death.” – so it wasn’t your first playthrough either way, so the choices you made on your second playthrough were informed. That is kind of like NG+.

      “What I didn’t know, however, was when it Transforms” – and yet you managed to escape the correct amount of times from both the Titan and the Dragon form without killing it too early. Awfully convenient.

    • Landale

      Zero items carried over, zero experience carried over, zero personal experience with anything other than the first form. Yep, totally NG+. You got me there. Yep, completely and utterly not NG+ situation is totally NG+. Holy shit those few hours I spent fucking up totally prepared me to completely and utterly break the game. Wait, no, it’s the other thing. Basic math and a little more thinking. 2 dead Overlords, 900 Billion. A blind idiot can see that that shit was going nowhere.

      The fight automatically ends when you hit the transformation points. It even resets the health to those points if you go past them. I ran twice, immediately, to optimize training time. If you had actually looked at the chain of posts I linked at the start of all this you’d see that I was actually disappointed at the fight just stopping on me.

    • Mr0303

      Already knowing the strategy is enough of an advantage. It is like bragging about completing a puzzle game on the first try, when you already know the solution to 80% of it.

      “I ran twice, immediately, to optimize training time.” – so rather than try to damage Trillion and bring him down a bit in the first 2 Dragon fights, you chose to run immediately and bet everything on the last fight and the limited number of turns before he insta kills you, while not knowing about the last from. Seems logical.

    • Landale

      You’re greatly overstating my progress. As I said, less than 100 billion, not enough to have personally ever reached Dragon Form. My initial attempt was honestly incredibly sloppy, and far too defensively focused to be realistically utilized, which is what prompted the complete reset.

      The retreats were calculated losses. One run cost me less than half a layer. At that point I figured for two Overlords I would run as much as permitted and maximize experience gains. Two and a half layers by my estimate for two Overlords to give all subsequent Overlords a massive jump start. Losing all six girls, plus whoever I revived which is again a detail given well ahead of time by the site and requires no actual experience with the game, with likely only three layers or so eaten would have been a waste so running a little was something I considered to be a viable tactic for early stages. There were some problems with my calculations though.

      1: I didn’t expect to push a form even once with a single Overlord. How could I have without knowing when it would after all.?

      2: I didn’t know the fight would end on form change.

      3: Not only did I not know that, but I could not have known that pushing a form change would also grant more time to the character. No extra retreats, but a couple cycles tacked on regardless.

      Similarly to my decision to run, I had no intention of using the sealing death skills when they would have come up had things gone as I was expecting. Once again, the site does inform you that switching to Dragon would undo them. It stood to reason that all girls killed on the first form would utilize the damage skill, and I would wing it from there.

      I did not have much time to learn the Dragon Form either. One Mokujin attempt was all I would be given for the short grace period given by pushing the form change. It was enough to know to bait them to one side and cross over his tail. That form was, quite honestly, the easiest one.

      The final form I had no attempts to practice on as Mokujin can not imitate it. I fully expected to lose Mammon at that point. The barrier, the copies, the completely solid and utterly massive miasma? I wasn’t expecting any of it. I did slip up and start being defensive on that one, and it did almost get through because of that.

      But by that point I learned exactly how good my defenses were, I knew from there for any other playthrough that even all of that crazy crap can be safely ignored and just powered through.

    • Mr0303

      “You’re greatly overstating my progress.” – how can I possibly know your anecdotal progress? It is just your word on how much you did before restarting the game, which is contrary to what you said – you know “Completely possible on the first playthrough.”.

      The bottom line being you didn’t kill Trillion with one Overlord with 0 damage on your first playthrough, which was the beginning of this argument. It actually takes time to adapt to character building and learn the game.

    • Landale

      How can you know? By reading what I’ve said maybe? By reading what of anything has been said.

      On New Game + perhaps, but I don’t see it happening on a first playthrough.
      This is the context of everything I have stated starting from your point. All of this can be done without New Game +. All of this can be done on a first playthrough.
      This is not “Landale cleared it completely blind on the first playthrough.” Nobody ever said it was. I cleared it, mostly blind, with a single Overlord, with no NG+ perks.

      Let’s go back just a little bit further shall we?
      He just destroyed me lol, but I will do better my next play through since I got some tips 😀
      Tips and a detailed list of what breaks the game so badly you can take Trillion out with one Overlord and zero damage to HP that is.

      Let’s go back to that Twitter post chain shall we? Well holy shit, would you look at that? It’s the person who gave him tips. And a detailed list of what breaks the game so badly you can take Trillion out with one Overlord and zero damage to HP.

    • Mr0303

      “How can you know? By reading what I’ve said maybe?” – and I have to take your word for it because…?

      So what’s the point if the first playthrough is not blind? Reading from a walkthrough is not completing the game on your own. There is a bit of a difference of giving tips and dictating exactly how you should play the game.

      Sooo, what’s your point with the Twatter crap? You are boasting that you are the person giving advice to Steve?

      Also pretty pathetic of you to cry to your Twatter chums “OMG guys! This bitter person is disagreeing with me!” – lol. And you do need to be somewhat lucky since you need the normal attack extension artefact.

    • Landale

      You ask what the point of the Twitter stuff was, when the answer is self evident. The posts contain all of the details that back up my claims. That you choose to disregard them because “Twatter crap” and a desire to not be wrong is kind of sad. And yes, I’m the one who gave him tips.

      Can you point out where a walkthrough was involved? Can you even point out where I dictated how to play the game? I’d be quite impressed if you could do either since they didn’t happen.

      You really are bitter aren’t you? You started an argument that had no need to be started. You started it based on a complete bullshit misunderstanding of what was being said. Your every fucking point has been utterly dismantled regardless to the point where you’re needing to resort to personal attacks. You. Are. Bitter. I have no need to cry about a fucking thing. I’m laughing at you and your utterly insane attempts to somehow be “right” about a situation that, again, you fabricated out of your own fucking misunderstanding.

    • Mr0303

      So I had to go through your entire Twitter feed to verify what exactly? The fact that you started over? That you played the game for couple of days before your 1 overlord run?

      I didn’t start any argument. I just said that I can’t see that happening on the first playthrough and then I questioned if your Mammon run was your first playthrough. As it turns out it wasn’t.

      Bitter would imply that I care about you or what you play.

    • Landale

      The entire feed? No, never implied as much either. Just relevant details that were all contained to a single thread.

      You never asked if my Mammon run was the first. You questioned the possibility of killing Trillion in a single playthrough, yes, but you never questioned the Mammon run.

      Dragging up disconnected matters and general mockery of how I chose to present my information. Would it perhaps suit you better if I went ahead and linked all the pictures through imgur? Just uploaded them here and let Disqus scramble them so you can try to figure out what goes in what order? Would these methods of presentation of the data be more acceptable to you than “Twatter”?
      You dropped your civility, I’m under no obligation to maintain mine; So yes, I’m going to call you as I see you: Bitter.

      I haven’t disproven anything? True, but then again that’s not what I set out to do at all nor a thing I claimed to be doing. Rather quite the opposite. My intent was to prove it is entirely possible to beat Trillion with a single character without New Game +, and I did. I detailed the exact skills required, the seals required, the method to maximize EXP and Affection gains. All of which can be done in a first playthrough, all of which can be done without New Game +.
      And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t consider what little I did prior to the reset in any way a playthrough. Not that it matters, as that was never the point. My playthrough was never what was in question, a playthrough without NG+ was.
      All of your flailing about will not change this fact. All of your
      insisting that one thing or the other was the point will not change the fact.

    • Mr0303

      “You dropped your civility, I’m under no obligation to maintain mine;” – where did I drop my civility? Me not liking Twitter is dropping civility? I never insulted you in any way – you were the first to make a character attack. I’m not a Twitter user and I didn’t know what you were referring to in your posts.

      “And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t consider what little I did prior to the reset in any way a playthrough.” – OK, fair enough, but objectively there is no way for me to know that, correct?

      With everything you specified, I agree that it is possible to do what you described without NG+. I just wanted to clarify all the details, because it seems unlikely that a person could just pick up the game and beat him with the first overlord.

      Apologies if I seemed rude somewhere in my posts or insulted you in any way.

    • Landale

      Not liking Twitter is not dropping civility. Using your dislike of it to mock how information is provided is. I made no claims of being insulted, only personal attack of which mocking the choice of provision is.

      Sure, you can’t objectively know. You can also not just assume deception. But even then the most you can objectively not know is the precise bit of damage done, the screenshot of the form change trophy and all that after all. The less than 100 billion bit that I claimed, 299 billion is the most I could’ve possibly gotten away with. No way to have known the details of the Dragon Form from the first go, no way to have known of the Final Form either.

      The least probable bit of what I pulled off would be getting Multi-Attack, but even then that’s more probable than most event only skills as there are two that provide it. The Ragon & Ergo training event, which I assume can also fail like their solo training events, and the Fegor sparring event, which requires that you win. Closely after that in lack of probability was the high number of Excellent days, but Mammon does have the best odds by default with the free item drop rate, so again the odds can be pushed in your favor.
      Everything else; the skills, the general affection range, the seals, are all fairly probable at worst and guaranteeable at best with the considerable amount of time given to you.
      Yes, it requires some luck to get it to go as smoothly as it did for me but the vast majority of the setup can be handled without luck. The more important detail is to go in with a nearly pure offensive mindset, any defensive plans beyond “Go to the blindspot” and “Lean on passive buffs” slow you down and risk death.

      Offensive mindset and obedience to tutorials. SPD tutorial? Why thank you for telling me the one stat to love. Retreat tutorial? Good quick lesson that Trillion is actually kind of a slow eater if you give it a try.

      I don’t feel insulted, I did however find your behavior rude. Changing the goal of things seemingly arbitrarily is after all.

    • Mr0303

      Apologies then. I didn’t mean it in that way. Me disliking Twitter as a platform doesn’t mean I questioned the provided information, rather where to find it and what specifically I should look for.

      “You can also not just assume deception.” – I don’t tend to trust people on their word. At all.

      “I don’t feel insulted, I did however find your behavior rude.” – this was not my intention – sorry about that. I just wanted to know the details of the supposed one overlord run and then I saw the bitter remark in your Twitter feed and my language became harsher.

      I wasn’t trying to move the goalposts. Initially when we were discussing the whether a 1 overlord first playthrough is possible, and then you posted your Mammon run. From there things escalated of whether this was a first try affair and how you achieved it.

    • Landale

      Mammon is ideal for the first Overlord for a few reasons. Her skill given out in sparring matches is largely useless, but given that she starts with it herself and a money boost permits the most efficient use of Valley of Swords. I don’t recall off hand what Levia gave out but Perpell gives Item Bonus, +50% effect to all items including the vitamins. Going from 30/60/100 to 45/90/100 fatigue recovery is insanely helpful. It is not all that difficult to keep Mammon in a near permanent Fever Time for training if you can manage an early Perpell sparring match and pull out plenty of vitamins along with whatever else loot you go for.

      Willpower and Final Sprint will work ATK, DEF, and SPD to 999 very quickly. This reduces damage from most of Trillion’s attacks to a negligible 10k while giving you 2-3 turns more than normal for each attack depending on the form. Solid Mind buffs damage outright rather than a stat, so good times there. Ambush for 100% crit chance from behind, Critical Hit for +50% crit damage, Multi-Attack for 2-4 hits per hit depending on rank. Maxed out ATK with an attack from behind like that will be enough to push through each form in just a couple of hits.
      The damage from Trillion can be further mitigated with Affection Shift, converting damage back into Affection, even damage to Affection. 15% of it at max rank, essentially making it a 15% flat mitigation skill while Meditation at max cuts down another 60% as nothing Trillion does isn’t an area attack. Mind you that 60% reduction was in place when getting those 10k hits, so only the 15% recovery comes into play, 8500 per hit from Trillion like this.

  • Liam Phoenix

    Neptunia Rebirth 2 & 3, as well as Fairy Fencer F, on GOG.

    You want a new market? Take the games that you’ve saturated Steam with and sell them to people who loathe Valve.

    I bought Rebirth 1 at release, and would do the same for all of them save U (which would need a big sale) and PP (that I’m not at all interested in) when they show up there.

    • Zyphodeu

      Why the fuck would any human being hate Valve and/or Steam?….

    • Liam Phoenix

      Because I’ve been a gamer long enough to remember when everything wasn’t tied to a single account and a compulsory client.

      Making things “easy” for people too lazy or incompetent to install and update their own games isn’t reason enough to accept putting so much of your investment in the hands of a single company.

      It’s not just the fact that DRM is annoying, and completely useless at stopping piracy, that applies even to some older disc-based titles before the days when you buy a boxed copy only to find a Steam code inside and need to download the whole game anyway.

      It’s how prolific Valve has become since they stopped actually producing content and just became a pack of leeches. Not to mention their pack of rabid fanboys who jump to their defense and opine about where PC gaming would be without their Messiah.

      Something happens with Origin or UPlay you lost a handful of games, something happens with Steam and you lose hundreds.

      Well, you can always crack them, but then why did you pay to begin with?

  • Sian

    Their response about potential for more otome games, gave me some hope. Localized otome games are quite rare (more like VERY rare), which is why last year with its otome releases was amazing. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more!

  • Flying Zeroroute

    Nice interview! Also, I feel bad for David for probably being the trillionth (sorry, I had to make a pun) player the killer in P4 has been spoiled for

  • An Tran

    Lovely interview and yeah:
    “Yea because some people don’t have a Vita for some reason.”
    Why the hell don’t more of y’all people have Vitas? Aside from the shitty, overpriced memory cards, it’s a beautiful, well built and well designed console. Better than anything Nintendo has put out since the 6th generation, even when it comes to cost to performance, aka value….though that depends on how badly the hateful memory cards weigh on your mind.

    But anyway, I really hope their answers about otome games can make people quiet down a bit. People expect super high quality physical releases for one of the nichiest of niche gaming genres from a super tiny, super new localization company….

    • chocodino

      it’s mostly a matter of games, exclusive games, right now I want a psp [my previous one died] and not a vita, mainly because I would only play psp games on the vita, and I would have to re buy them, with those expensive memory cards……also I find the psp design to be better, at least for me, it feels a lot more ergonomic.

    • David Mayn

      I’d say that it’s mostly the lack of marketing from sony and research from players themselves, like in your case. If you are not only after huge AAA there’s a lot to be enjoyed on the vita.

    • Mr0303

      I think the Vita will live for a while given how popular it is in Japan and that it is a testing ground for some indie developers. When it comes to AAA, Bandai and Tecmo seem to still support it.

    • chocodino

      you can’t assume that i didn’t do research on the games available, It’s just that 99.9% of the games that I want are available on other consoles or pc, making the purchase of a vita irrelevant, also remember that I most probably don’t like the same kind of games that you do.

      the vita needs a successor, with sd cards, less extra features, and not such a high power difference with the previous console, it’s not needed and it only brings down the autonomy time and brings up the price, or maybe a revision, PCH-3000 with an 8GB SD and lower price

    • David Mayn

      I can and also “stationary” availability of some games in no way makes vita irrelevant, that’s pretty much the point as we are moving away from the “era of exclusivity”. If you don’t want a portable console, it’s not necessarily its fault, but this kind of Western kids’ mentality can indeed hurt the Vita greatly, but we can’t really do anything about it. West in general is rather anti-handheld in that regard.

    • chocodino

      it makes it irrelevant to me if I can get it on another console that I have or pc

    • Tjoeb123

      Even if you buy a Vita game now, not knowing then that it would be coming to PC until much later? (aka PC announcement coming much later after Vita release)

    • chocodino

      there would have to be at the very least 5 different games at the same time for me to seriously consider it, but by the time the number goes above 3, they announce a port to another console or pc. Also I do buy games for consoles I don’t have [if I like them enough, and I can just borrow a console], and if they announced a pc port, I would most probably buy them again, since I can run vita ports on my laptop [meaning portability and lots of space] and I only buy games that I’m completely sure I will enjoy [I would like an Ys: MoC port, altough I didn’t like the game as much as the previous entries, I would prefer an Ys: Seven port, since Seven is psp exclusive and MoC is Vita exclusive].

    • David Mayn

      And that’s what I have just called silly.

    • Panpopo

      I completely agree with you on regarding the Vita – easily my console of choice right now. Amazing system. People can get the even cheaper option of PS TV if they want.

    • Tjoeb123

      It’s my system of choice as well, but I do wish it was more powerful than it is now (at least 1GB RAM would be nice), as a lot of games that are ported to it run rather poorly IMO.

    • Mr0303

      Sony really messed up with the memory cards.

      The Vita is probably my most played system at the moment and my favourite handheld of all time. The cross save with PS4/PS3 is one of the best features in multiplatform games for dedicated gamers.

  • Hiryun

    Dark games? Well looks like I’m done with IFI titles.

  • Portal Gamer

    Ari – Yea, now when we announce a Neptunia game we get “Don’t leave the Steam fans hanging”.

    Megadimension Neptunia VII might just see the light of day on Steam.

  • Tjoeb123

    So that’s why we’re not getting that one visual novel series that spawned a good anime….and more Tsunako goodness of course..

    Also, dear Steam players: Shut the fuck up. 😀 We get it – you all want that newest Neptunia game. But it’s not there yet, so go buy a PS4 and Vita instead. Tehehe….

    • Landale

      Nah, let them keep going. It’s fun seeing “PC Master Race” reduced to “PC Beggar Race”.

    • Weasel Turd

      This insult will not matter much to Neptunia fans on Steam once THAT game arrives.

      In fact, Steam helps the Neptunia fanbase grow.