System Update (1)

NISA has released a batch of new media content for their upcoming RPG Grand Kingdom, including a new trailer, screenshots, and updates to the official website.

The trailer shows off the battle system. For those unaware, the battles are quite different from your ordinary turn-based RPGs.

The new screenshots display how recruiting and customizing your team will work in game.

Lastly, the newest update to the website adds a new ‘Systems’ tab.

  • Basic Game Flow – In 3-steps: Create your mercenary squad, Complete quests and join wars, and Strengthen your squad and contract nation.
  • Creating Mercenary Squad – Details how to hire units and use them in proper formation.
  • The Battle System and its Components – Shows you all the different effects that can be caused during battle, including stagger, knockdown, etc. This also shows off how to properly perform a combo with a Fighter class.

Grand Kingdom is coming out for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on June 17 in EU and June 21 in NA.

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