Lumin | Kirin

Q: What is the current status on the board game’s expansion?

A: We not only have the starter set for sale, but we have also completed several expansion sets for sell as well. Once our talented artist at Crimson Dreams Productions finishes a character, she gives me the template and I come up with their ability for the board game.

Q: How is it different making a board game versus a YouTube series or a video game? Are there any similarities between them all?

A: Making episodes for the YouTube series is the easiest of the three tasks and give me the freedom to reveal as much as I want with the world and characters. Building the game allows me build and explore the world as the player which truthfully is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be seeing as how I’m the one who inputs everything. And building the board game is tricky because I have to find a way to translate the locations and characters in a way that compliments and shows their skills. The only real similarities between working on all three is that no matter what form they take, we always make sure that everything is consistent in terms of attacks and personality.

Q: The most recent demo release for the video game is “Pre-Alpha Demo 1.3” and can take around two to two-and-a-half hours to complete. What percentage of the final game is the demo? About how many hours of playtime are you aiming for the final game to be across all of the various class storylines?

A: I would say that about 30% of the final game is in the demo and the total game time would be between 55-70 hours, over 70 hours if the player is trying to find all the secrets.

Lumin | Levi

Q: In the beginning town of Veros and Huen, you can rent a room at the inn for 20 Aur [the in-game currency of “Lumin“] or you can buy a house for 600-700 Aur. What benefits are there to buying a house versus just renting a room? What can we look forward to in the final release version with a house that the player owns?

A: The benefits to owning a home is to give the player several abilities. One of which is crafting magical items, the other is making it a homing point they can teleport to (think hearthstones from World of Warcraft) and while we are still working on it, the player can customize their homes.

Q: In the demo, ‘The Host’ and Levi are vocalized in the opening sequence and then again inside the Woeful Jester. Will the final game be fully voiced? Or just parts and pieces of it?


A: The final game will be voiced during boss battles and during certain scenes.

Q: What changes can we expect to come to the next iteration of the game’s demo? When should we expect it to come out?

A: We plan on fine tuning any and all bugs we encounter, but the next demo is going to focus on exploring Lumin so expect more maps, villages, and quests.

Lumin | Sprites

Q: Game Play Theatre attended several conventions in 2014-15. What was the reception like to Lumin: Land Of Light? Are there any plans for Game Play Theatre to attend any conventions in 2016? If so, which ones?

A: We had just returned from Ikkicon in Austin, Tx and we will be going to our favorite convention Texancon during spring break this year. We usually just contact any convention we can afford to go to and if they give us a panel or booth, we’ll be there.

Q: Recently, Game Play Theatre put up a Patreon page. What was behind the decision to go that route for funding?

A: There are two reasons for that, the first is so we can pay all of those who worked so hard to help us get to this point and the second is so that our company can support itself in such a way that I can finally give Lumin the attention it deserves. We would also be using the money to improve quality and production of Lumin.

Lumin | Julia

Q: Are there any plans to put this game out for Steam Early Access? Do you have a release date for the finished game in mind?

A: We don’t have a set release date yet and we would love to get in on Steam Early Access. We are currently trying to raise the funds for it.

Q: This year, we will be publishing a special E3 edition ‘mashup’ interview. In it, various people who we have interviewed over the past year will be talking about their personal experiences with E3 (whether they have attended the show in the past or just followed it online/video/etc). My question for you is: What was your favorite past E3 announcement and why? (It can be anything, going as far back as you like.)

A: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for the Nintendo DS. Castlevania was the game I grew up with as a child and Order of Ecclesia is my favorite.


Thank you for checking out our latest interview. It was a blast to do and hopefully you got to know a lot more about this interesting game.

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