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Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 scale model kit: Formula will be available for sale July 31, 2016 and is available now for pre-order. See the press release below for pics, more information, and links to pre-order.


Release: July 31, 2016

With all the great mecha kits out in the market, it’s always great to see the ones modeled after video game characters; in a physical retail shop – usually amongst all the outstanding gunpla kits – coming across something unexpectedly recognizable makes it all the more special. In this case, the feature is on this Kotobikuya’s extremely intricate Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale version of Formula – and it even transforms!

Based on the Light Type Skell unit from the Nintendo exclusive RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X, Formula oozes with character despite it being the standard deployed model. It makes sense even that this frame is the basis for all the other Skell models seen in the game, and in it’s transformed form, Formula beams across the terrain as a futuristic armed motorcycle.

With this model, Formula is highly articulate after completion, and in vien with similar Kotobikuya craftsmanship, even without extra painting and detailing, once finished, the model is ready for display! Pre-order while there is still availability!

Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale Model Kit: Formula (JPN)

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And for fans of the Xeno series – we’re happy to announce the re-run of the ever popular Kos-Mos Ver.4 [Extra Coating Edition] Model! Another stellar release from Kotobikuya, this instance of one of the most popular characters from the series is a great way to admire all the details which made Xenosaga so memorable. Kos-Mos comes with all her parts intact, as well as her signature weaponry, making for a dramatic constrast between destructive force and abject beauty!

Xenosaga Character Model Kits 1/12 Scale Model Kit: KOS-MOS Ver.4 [Extra Coating Edition] (Re-run) (JPN)


Kos-Mos Ver.4 1

Kos-Mos Ver.4 2

Kos-Mos Ver.4
Xenosaga Character Model Kits 1/12 Scale Model Kit: KOS-MOS Ver.4 [Extra Coating Edition] (Re-run)

Xenoblade Chronicles X 1/48 Scale Model Kit: Formula

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