Yesterday, indie developer YummyYummyTummy announced that their upcoming real time action RPG, Fallen Legion, would be coming to the PlayStation Vita thanks to fan demand and the assistance of developer Mintsphere. Both the PS4 and PS Vita versions of Fallen Legion are expected to release for North America and Europe in Summer 2016. We have YummyYummyTummy’s full press release below, as well as a lot of screenshots to share with you.

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Fallen Legion Is Coming To PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita In Summer 2016!

YummyYummyTummy To Release Fallen Legion For PlayStation Vita After Overwhelmingly Positive

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Los Angeles, CA – The high octane action RPG Fallen Legion is coming to PlayStation 4 and also to PlayStation Vita! Motivated by a number of requests from passionate PlayStation fans, developers YummyYummyTummy and Mintsphere began working on a PlayStation Vita version. Both versions are scheduled for release in the Americas and Europe in Summer 2016.

Fallen Legion blends elements from JRPGs and action games into a brand new battle system. Players guide Princess Cecille and three Exemplars, legendary weapons brought to life by a cryptic grimoire, on a quest to redeem the crumbling kingdom of Fenumia. Fallen Legion’s real time combat system has players crush kobolds, reflect fireballs, and chain attacks to unleash deathblows using all four characters simultaneously.

Between battles with monstrous orcs and sellswords, you have to make splitsecond decisions on how Princess Cecille will rule her kingdom. Will you be tempted by a powerful buff in battle or will you think of Fenumia’s citizens first. Fallen Legion possesses beautiful handdrawn 2D artwork and a rockin’ fantasy soundtrack.

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