A new interview with the director of the recently announced Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates, Norihisa Kochiwa has revealed new infromation on the upcoming ecchi title for PS Vita.

Kochiwa revealed that all the characters in this title will be female (that rules out any Otton-esque mascots then) in favour of “representing soft chested women.” Series staple monster girls will be making a return, however the seven main characters appear to be human women.

Also discussed is the “Chest Growth” mechanic, where the size of the character’s breasts will determine what stat boosts they recieve. Big-breasted women get higher attack and defence for example, while flat-chested women get boosts in speed. This can be changed via ‘rubbing’ which is most likely a reference to a minigame that will be in the game which may be an evolution of the ‘Bumping Scratch’ mechanic seen in the series so far.

Furthermore, they emphasise that they are aiming to make the game more than it’s sex appeal would suggest (the writer hope that they meet this goal) and that they are using Felistella’s knowledge of Compile Heart RPGs in order to help make this a worthy sequel.

Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is currently in development for PS Vita.

What’s the reason behind making this an RPG?

“Given the developer Felistella’s know-how when it comes to Compile Heart RPGs, such as Neptunia, we decided to release it as an RPG this time.”

Are there any male characters?

“There aren’t. We’re focusing on representing soft-chested women.”

How many girls will appear?

“There are seven main women, but in addition to them, there are a lot of monster girls that appear. There are also lively parts where strange monsters are rendered in 3D.”

What is “Chest Growth?”

“With the growth system of this game, the girls are faced against their own chests, which will grow by rubbing. Rub, and your status will increase. It’s possible not only to grow bigger, but smaller, too. If your chest is big, your attack power is higher and your defense is also superior. Alternatively, when your chest is small, you’re superior in speed.”

“At first glance, you might only see the game for its sex appeal, but we’re thoroughly producing its contents.”

Thanks for the translation, Gematsu.

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