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The next project from Rain Games will be World to the West.  Players control four characters and explore untamed jungle, and frozen tundras. Each character has their own unique identity. Play this game with ease as nothing is ever as it seems!

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BERGEN, Norway, March 3, 2016—Rain Games, the developer behind the indie sensation, Teslagrad, which has so far sold over 1.6 million copies, today announced its next project: World to the West, an action puzzler set in the Teslagrad universe.

In World to the West, players control four characters—each with their own unique identities and abilities—to explore untamed jungles and frozen tundras in search of an ancient prophecy. They must be careful though. Nothing is ever what it seems in this world of corrupt colonies and forgotten civilizations.

“With the enormous response Teslagrad received from players, we wanted our next title to share a connection, but not be a sequel” said Peter Meldahl, CEO of Rain Games. “Setting World to the West in the same universe as Teslagrad allowed us to accomplish this. People who have played Teslagrad will experience completely new worlds, characters and storylines, but will also enjoy some familiar faces and the same challenging gameplay Teslagrad is known for.”

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Rain Games AS is a Norwegian independent video game developer forged from a cooperative community of local artists and programmers. Our team is diverse in both talents and interests, but we share a common goal: To create games that are fun and challenging. Our most recent title, Teslagrad, is a 2D puzzle platformer that has sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide and is coming soon to Xbox One. Learn more at

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