The Art of Brutal Legend Cover Growlanser Art Works Cover
Midori Foo Book of Pictures Cover Takehito Harada Art Works 1 Cover


Udon Entertainment has updated the status on four of their upcoming artbooks with their respective release dates, or, I should say, release date. All four will be arriving next Wednesday, March 27. The four titles include: The Art of Brutal Legend (hardcover, with 252 pages, and priced at $49.99), Growlanser Art Works (softcover, with 176 pages, and priced at $39.99), Midori Foo Book of Pictures (paperback, with 320 pages, and priced at $44.99), and lastly Takehito Harada Art Works 1 (softcover, with 208 pages, and priced at $39.99).Not bad, not bad at all.

They also updated the status on their upcoming release of Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Art Works:

To answer your questions before they come: No, Valkyria Chronicles 3: Complete Art Works is not listed. Because this book missed its shipping window, it had to go through a process called “Order Adjustment” at our distributor. This should only take a week, maybe 2 at most, and fingers crossed it will arrive in stores the first or second week of April. We’ll update the blog when we know for sure.

Not too bad of a delay, I must say. Hey, what can you do, right? UDON will also be posting preview shots of the artbooks. They’ve recently released some preview shots for Growlanser Art Works. Check them out below.

Growlanser Art Works Cover growlanser_preview_001
growlanser_preview_002 growlanser_preview_004
growlanser_preview_005 growlanser_preview_006
growlanser_preview_007 growlanser_preview_003
growlanser_preview_008 growlanser_preview_009


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