Escaflowne Character Poster

Funimation has started a new Kickstarter for a new English dub of the classic anime The Vision of Escaflowne to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime. Funimation was already planning on releasing the full version in the US for the first time. There were small scenes cut out of the original release. But if fans want an English dub of those scenes, it would have to be added in now. Instead of just adding a few lines, Funimation is using this funding project to gauge interest in an all new full dub of the series and also of the movie. The goal is a modest $150,000, so this is not to fund the whole project. That is pretty reasonable for a full series dub. There are also a couple of reasonable stretch goals for bonus features as well. Check out the Kickstarter page for full details.

As of the time of writing this article, the project has $108,000, so the chances of it being funded are extremely high. So head on over there if you want to get in on the action. On a personal note, I loved this anime series and quite liked it’s movie as well (although the series is better, in my opinion). Even though I already own both the series and the movie, I’m already making plans to purchase the anniversary edition. Dubs are generally not my thing, but seeing a project like this get support is gratifying. This is an anime that I often list to people who are wondering what shows they should watch first if they want to get into the genre. High school girls, mech combat, fantasy setting, and romance? This one ticks all those boxes. So if you are interested, check it out, and we’ll keep an eye on it here at Operation Rainfall.


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