Sorry for the lateness of this Nintendo Download today, but the haze has finally cleared up and I had to go say hello to the puffy clouds! Thankfully, today’s Download is worth the wait, with great upcoming games, including AAA and indies, a publisher sale, the usual sales and deals and digital titles. Let’s get started, shall we?

Nintendo Download | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

First up, if you love hunting monsters, you’re in luck. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to the Switch next week, bringing with it epic hunts and devastating monsters. This also represents the first MH game to release on the Switch, so if you’ve been patiently waiting, it’s not much longer. Perhaps more of interest for our fan base, however, is our next title. Nicalis is also releasing Blade Strangers next week. This mash up fighting game has tons of iconic characters from many games, and Studio Saizensen looks to have put their heart, soul, blood and tears into this unique fighter. This is the only game outside of Smash Bros with such crazy mashups, such as Cave Story+ vs Code of Princess EX, or Shovel Knight vs Azure Striker Gunvolt. It truly looks like a fantastic game, but don’t just take my word for it, stay tuned to our upcoming review coverage of it! Lastly, if you always wanted to make your own prisons, you can do so with Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition. Make a utopia or a bloody arena, it’s up to you.

Nintendo Download | Blade Strangers

Next up, we have a special publisher sale to cover. Ubisoft has a bunch of games on sale, and they’re discounted pretty heavily. The highlights are definitely the following – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Rayman Legends Definitive Edition. To see the other Ubisoft games on sale, just click here. But that’s not all for sales this week!

Nintendo Download | Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition

The following regular weekly sales come courtesy of the Game Guide. Spectrum (Switch) is discounted to $9.59; Cosmic Star Heroine (Switch) is definitely worth it for $14.19; Layers of Fear: Legacy (Switch) might be worth a try for $11.99; Crypt of the NecroDancer (Switch) is down to $7.99; Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (Switch) is only $9.99; Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Switch) is pretty decent for $13.49; Yodanji (Switch) should keep rogue fans entertained for $2.99; Neon Chrome (Switch) is a lot of heavy metal fun for $8.24; Crystareino (3DS) should give you some RPG fun for $5.99; Bulb Boy (Switch) is darn cheap at $3.59 and finally, Zombie Brigade: No Brain, No Gain (Wii U) might be worth a look for $2.99. To see the rest of the games on sale, just click here.

Nintendo Download | Bad North

Finally, let’s close it out with some digital games. The following come out next week sometime. de Blob 2 is hitting the Switch, as is Victor Vran Overkill Edition. The other title for next week is Western 1849 Reloaded. An eclectic mix, to be sure, but there’s far more to enjoy this week.

Nintendo Download | Flood of Light

For your weekly dose of retro, you might enjoy ACA NEOGEO Real Bout Fatal Fury 2. For Adventure game fans, there’s a bunch of options this week – The Low Road, Flood of Light, Earthworms and Behind the Screen. If you love platforming, you might enjoy these – Shio, Kero Blaster and Hacky Zack. For a truly absurd look into our past, you might enjoy Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition. Or for fans of strategy games, there’s always Bad North. And for a relaxing management game with charming graphics, check out Little Dragon’s Café. Overall, a pretty good week for gaming, but be sure to tune in starting next Friday for our coverage of PAX West!

Nintendo Download | Little Dragon's Cafe

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