Ace Attorney 6

Fans of tournabouts and objections should be happy to hear some of the details of upcoming game Ace Attorney 6, slated to hit Japan later this year, with a Western release at an unspecified later date. For those who missed it, the sixth entry in the series will take place in the Kingdom of Kurain. This unusual realm is filled with the spirits of the undead, which is sure to mix up the usual antics of the series. The only known returning characters this time around are Phoenix, Apollo Justice and of course Athena Cykes. Her Mood Matrix makes a return as well, with the following features explained.

Ace Attorney 6 | Mood Matrix

Using the “Mood Matrix” system, you can take advantage of psycho-analyst Athena’s special ability. By hearing a person’s emotion from the tone of their voice, you can find a contradiction hiding within the witness’ emotion.

In any human being, even if their testimony is falsified, you cannot falsify emotions. If you notice their emotion differs from their testimony, you can attempt to point out their emotion of happiness, anger, sadness, or surprise on the bottom screen. If you’re successful, the hidden truth will come to light.

For more information about Phoenix Wright, stay tuned to Operation Rainfall in the coming months.


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