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Uppers Launch Date Pushed Back Due To Low Preorders

Uppers | Screenshot

SilconEra is reporting that Marvelous’ upcoming anime themed mayhem brawler Uppers has been delayed, with the game’s creator Kenichiro Takaki (Senran Kagura) posting a message on the official Uppers site’s blog about how he is disappointed that there isn’t more interest in the title and that he wants to take some more time to improve on the game’s assets and try to create a more positive response to entice consumers to purchase.  The official site for Uppers (which has a pretty bangin’ soundtrack running in the background) confirms the delay in a separate post here, which discusses the title being pushed back and apologizes for the inconvenience.

In Takaki’s post, he says that he believes in the game’s strengths and while it won’t offer the same exact kind of experience as Senran Kagura, fans can still expect plenty of wild fan service and crazy interactions. Also, while the game will not be released with an accompanying anime, he believes in the strength of the characters and story enough that he feels Uppers will find a substantial audience solely on its own merits.

This is disheartening news, as Uppers looks to be like an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. It wasn’t being touted as a technical tour de force, but its brand of unbound mayhem appears to be chaotic and lively. Here’s to hoping Uppers finds its niche with the fan base, because from where we’re standing it looks like it deserves some recognition. In fact, here’s a trailer that we hope will, in some small way, help to generate a little more hype for Takaki’s passion project.

Uppers is slated for release in Japan on the Sony PS Vita, published by Marvelous. The release date was set for April of this year, but now that’s been changed to the nebulous TBD.


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