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Tales of Berseria seems to be getting the typical Tales treatment with news being released for the title almost weekly. Two new characters have been introduced in this week’s Weekly Jump.

  • Rokuro (voiced by Daisuke Kishio)

A swordsman who is actually a Daemon who has kept a sense of reason and not completely turned into a monster. He accompanies Velvet on her journey.

  • Eleanor (voiced by Ami Shohimizu)

A “Seiryou” who belongs to the Taimashi group. She is generally a friendly person, but also can be tough and callous.

tales of berseria

The issue also talks about the battle system. Artes Link will be returning and will allow attacks to be mapped to the Circle, Square, Triangle, and X buttons. Soul Gauge is a new feature that allows characters to link artes. Each battle begins with three Souls and more can be obtained by defeating enemies.

Tales of Berseria will release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC in Japan in 2016 and a Western release for PlayStation 4 and PC to be determined.


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