A new post has been added to the The Official Tales of Blog. This one covers the world of their upcoming game Tales of Berseria. The post makes it very clear that this entry in the 21 year old franchise is focused on giving the game a darker tone.

berseria 6

Velvet, the female protagonist, puts her goals first and foremost, while dealing with reason later. It seems nothing can get in the way of her once she makes a decision.

The setting of Berseria is on Glenwood Continet which is home to the Midgand Empire. The post details how the Northern and Southern areas of the map are completely different in climate, which affects the life styles and culture of the population, including, different architecture.


Slight story spoilers ahead: The story will focus on Velvet as she was betrayed and lost her arm to a disease called Daemonblight, an illness that changes humans into monsters. After losing her hand and her family, Velvet goes on a mission to be the savior of the world. The post is left as to be continued.

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