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During Sony’s conference last night, Devolver Digital had a few new games to show off. First, we have Ronin, a turn-based action platformer where you play as a black suited samurai-like warrior who can hurl katanas while wearing a snazzy red bike helmet. You can choose to take on your foes directly, or attack from a stealthy position and quickly go back into hiding. You’ll have a few gadgets to help you, as well, like a hologram projector you can use to fool your enemies with an illusion and a grappling hook to get you to a more advantageous position. Ronin is expected to be released fairly soon, in summer 2015.

Eitr | Devolver Digital

Next up we have Eitr, a pixelated action RPG which is reminiscent of Dark Souls with its dark atmosphere and the inspiration it takes from Norse mythology. It even has a bonfire mechanic which allows the player to recuperate, but this one’s a bit different since you have to keep the fire going by searching for materials. Eitr boasts some impressive sprite work and animation, the water effects, in particular, are pretty well done. Eitr is set to come to PS4 and PC sometime in 2016.

Mother Russia Bleeds | Devolver Digital

Third in Devolver Digital’s showcase is Mother Russia Bleeds, which looks to be a pretty over-the-top frantic and violent pixel beat ’em up. There are several weapons to choose from and various finishing moves that will leave your enemies as an unrecognizable pile of flesh, gore and bones on the ground. Hotline Miami fans will probably find something to enjoy here. The game takes place in an alternate timeline in the USSR, and your hero goes on a drug-fueled rampage of revenge after breaking out of prison. Mother Russia Bleeds will support up to four players and will be available on PS4 and PC in 2016.

Crossing Souls | Devolver Digital

Last, but not least, we have Crossing Souls, a recent Kickstarter success story. It’s a top-down, pixel-styled action RPG set in the 1980’s with some hand-drawn animated sequences which may remind you of that era of cartoons. Crossing Souls is about a group of friends that discovers an artifact that changes the world around them and find themselves transcending the boundaries of life and death. You’ll have to fight enemies both living and dead as you switch between planes, solving puzzles and exploring the vast world around you to solve the mystery of the artifact. The game is accompanied by an 80’s new wave-styled soundtrack with some orchestral tracks mixed in, as well. Crossing Souls will be releasing for PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and PS Vita, but a date has not been confirmed yet.

What do you think of Devolver Digital’s new games? Will you be picking any of these up when they release? Let us know in the comments.

Joe Sigadel
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