Firewatch 2
Which Zelda dungeon did he find that map and compass?

With a little under a week until release developer Campo Santo finally revealed the price of their first game, Firewatch. Both the PC and PS4 versions will set you back $19.99. However early adopters will get 10% off the price. For Steam users, this requires preordering the game. For PlayStation users, you get the discount if you buy the game soon after launch and you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Both systems will get exclusive bundle options with PC getting a soundtrack and PS4 getting a custom playStation theme background.

For those unfamiliar, in Firewatch you’re put in the shoes of newly employed fire lookout, Henry, in Yellowstone National Park after the infamous blazes that hit the reserve in 1988. You start out with seemingly mundane tasks like picking up after messy vacationers and checking on downed phone lines. But, as is always the case, everything is not as it seems and soon you find yourself engulfed in a mystery with your only human contact being you boss, Delilah. However, she isn’t physically present and guides you along from the other end of the radio that you always carry with you.

Although Campo Santo has been tight-lipped about many details of Firewatch, they have stated that the game will last about 5-6 hours and that the story will be one of the central factors of the experience. On their about page they explain secretive nature of the script:

Firewatch is incredibly story driven! To tell you more would be to deprive you of the joy of discovery. You’re going to forge a living, breathing relationship and uncover a tense, unexpected mystery.”

With beautiful screenshots from their newly relaunched site and voice talent like Mad Men‘s Rich Sommer and Walking Dead: The Game‘s Cissy Jones it’s hard not to be impatient for Firewatch to release in a week. All you can do for now is be patient until you’re able to unravel the mystery of the happenings at Yellowstone National Park. Firewatch is set to ignite on February 9th on only PC and PS4.

Leif Conti-Groome
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