New Splatoon Manga


As you may know, Japan loves Splatoon and the craze surrounding the game appears to still be in full swing there. In fact, Splatoon is actually getting two new manga series that are based on the game. The Honobono Ika 4-Koma manga is going to be launched by Kino Takahashi. Meanwhile, some other manga authors will be contributing their stories to Play Manga. Finally, it seems that Famitsu will be serializing Splatoon‘s new pair of manga series’. Of course, this is a problem if you are a manga fan who happens to live somewhere outside of Japan. For now, you mostly have to hope that someone translates them for the rest of the world to enjoy.

If you’ve played Splatoon, then you know that it can be a very fun game to be sure. It is certainly an interesting take on team-based gameplay. Often, the thought of team-based multiplayer conjures mental images of things like Deathmatch games, or capture the flag. These forms of team-based gameplay are well-known in the gaming world as they have appeared time and again in a plethora of different games. They are tried and true and can be quite fun, unless of course there is a significant skill gap between the two teams.

Splatoon is a very messy game, with paint splattered everywhere!


Even calling Splatoon a paintball game is not an accurate description. Though the game does have plenty of paint-firing guns, they don’t shoot paint balls. They’re more like squirt guns loaded up with paint. But there are also other weapons in the game, such as the paint roller which offer other ways of spreading out your paint. The main idea is not simply to take out as many foes as you can in the time limit either. Instead, your team must claim as much turf as it can by painting the ground. At the end of the match, the team that has the most ground in the level covered in their color of paint will be the winner.

To long-time Nintendo fans, the paint on the surfaces in the world may conjure memories of Super Mario Sunshine for the Nintendo Gamecube. Though the player didn’t apply the paint in that game, the mechanic of having paint on the ground is not seen in many games. In Super Mario Galaxy, the player’s goal was to clean up the mess which is pretty much the opposite of what you’re doing in Splatoon. The truth is that Nintendo has created a very unique style of team-based gameplay with Splatoon. It also has a much more playful and carefree feel to it than your standard Deathmatch or capture the flag style games usually do. So go play some Splatoon!




Michael Fontanini
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