Super Mario Maker Update (Dec. 21st, 2015)


Super Mario Maker is getting an update on Monday, December 21st that adds three new course elements into the game. Another update, called the “Bookmark Update” will follow on December 22nd. Last week we got the Mercedes-Benz costume for the Mystery Mushroom. Next week’s update will also display the player who first cleared a course, along with world record times for the course (including the player’s Mii character portrait, player name, and country.

Once the December 21st update launches and your game has updated, you will be able to shake a Koopa Clown Car to transform it into a new flaming Koopa Clown Car. Sporting a yellow flaming paint job, this is no ordinary Koopa Clown Car, as this bad boy can shoot fire balls at your foes! You can also shake the Grinder to transform it into a yellow Bumper with red stars. This Bumper has a pair of eyes that blink whenever something bounces off of it. The third new course element is acquired by shaking a Warp Door, yielding a P-Warp Door. But what the hell is a P-Warp Door? Well, it behaves like the standard Warp Door, but a P-Switch is required to enter this new type of door. This makes one wonder if the limit on the number of doors in a level will be affected. Will these new doors be included in the existing door limit, or will they have their own limit? Regardless, you can check out the update video below:


After the December 21st update, a second update is happening the very next day, on the 22nd. Dubbed the “Bookmark Update”, it is not necessarily an update to the core game. This update is the launch of Super Mario Maker‘s new web portal that will allow players to search for levels via a computer or smart device. You can browse courses using a number of helpful filters that allow you to look at recommended courses, or browse courses by ranking. The Super Mario Maker web portal also allows you to save courses so you can then access and play them later from in the game, too. Check out the “Bookmark Update” video below:


All in all, Super Mario Maker has some nice goodies coming out in a couple of days. With new possibilities, it will be interesting to see how players make use of these new course elements. Are you ready for Super Mario Maker‘s new goodies that are arriving just in time for Christmas? Let us know which feature you’re most looking forward to below!


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