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Tales of Berseria New Trailer Released

Tales of Berseria | Velvet Running

A new trailer for Tales of Berseria has been released by Bandai Namco. The trailer revealed some of the backstory behind Velvet and introduced some new characters. Some of the new battle system was also shown off. Along with this new trailer Bandai Namco revealed some more details about the game.

The theme for Tales of Berseria’s story will be Emotion and Reason. The story will focus on Velvet as she comes into conflict with those who have discarded their emotions. In the trailer you can see Velvet’s beast like left arm. This left arm symbolizes Velvet’s fury and will also be a key driving force in the story.

Tales of Berseria | Boy

A new character was introduced in the trailer as well. The young boy was designed Minoru Iwamoto and voiced Azumi Asakura. His name is Lyfesette (Romanization is not official). The boy will support Velvet throughout her journey. While Velvet may in many ways represent “darkness” the young boy is seen the “light” to Velvet’s darkness.

Tales of Berseria | Combat

Some details about the Linear Motion Battle System were released as well. The system will be more focused on Free-Run control and a free moving camera. The player can assign artes to all four face buttons of the controller (Circle, X, Triangle, Square).

And now without further ado, you can check out the brand new two and a half minute trailer for Tales of Berseria below.


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