Commander Cool Screen

Commander Cool 2 is another title on Steam Greenlight. This time around we have a platform game that is a tribute to old 2D arcade games, and features hand drawn characters. Check out more about the game below.

The following information has been taken from the Steam page.


Commander Cool 2 About

Commander Cool 2 is a tribute to the good old 2D arcade platformers with uncompromising jump ‘n run sections, precise controls and an action-packed multiplayer. Use your timemachine and fight your way through 90+ levels in 3 time ages. Use a totally crazy arsenal of weapons to best your enemies. Maybe you will fry your enemies with the rainbow-spitting unicorn? Or will you light a fire under them with your volcano weapon? To ensure life’s not too easy on you, every level has 3 missions and a hidden diamond for you to achieve.

Commander Cool 2 Features Features

  • Retro-inspired 2D arcade platformer
  • Hand-drawn characters
  • Awesome graphics in HD
  • Local coop-mode with up to 4 players (desktop & selected consoles)
  • Over 30 different enemies and traps
  • 9 crazy weapons
  • 10+ Skins
  • 3 different time ages (stoneage, pirates, future)
  • Over 90 challenging levels
  • Custom maps
  • Super easy and precise controls supporting controllers, keyboard and touch input
  • Loads of fun jump ‘n run action
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