It’s a very gory Christmas miracle as we get news about the upcoming re-release of Resident Evil 2. A recent investor has confirmed that we are not getting simply a remaster like 2002’s Resident Evil or Resident Evil 0 did, but rather a full-work, from the ground-up remake. That means it will look far better than the above picture.


This is good, but unsurprising. Ever since the announcement on August, it’s been discussed that for Resident Evil 2 (one of my favorite games) to fly by today’s standards would have to have to look completely different. There’s a reason the HD re-releases we’ve seen only go back to the Dreamcast at oldest. Many of these games simply would not benefit from being seen in higher fidelity.  Resident Evil 2 now join Final Fantasy VII in beloved PlayStation games that are going to get a full remake.

While this is great news, there are still a lot of questions to be asked about the remake. To me, the most pertinent is whether the game will seek to emulate the classic game’s tense and claustrophobic exploration-style or whether it will adopt the more recent games’ more action-oriented gameplay.  I know I’d personally that like to see the former, but I’m probably not in the majority there.

No release date is announced, but we can have no doubt that Capcom will keep providing us plenty of news to keep us hyped.


Jerry Hrechka
Jerry Hrechka is a writer and journalist. He was born in the Catskill mountains and now resides in Georgia, still trying to work out how exactly that happened. His work can also be found on as well as on his horror podcast 1001 Frights.