Zidane Tribal Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade - Tidus

Square Enix has been busy rolling out new character trailers for the upcoming arcade release of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Friday’s featured character was none other than Final Fantasy IX‘s Zidane Tribal. The little thief with the monkey tail can nimbly zip around the stage and slash opponents with his twin daggers, and he can also activate Trance in order to pummel his adversaries. He might be small, but he packs quite the punch! Check out the trailer below to see Zidane take on several other of Final Fantasy‘s finest.

Yesterday’s Dissidia Final Fantasy character trailer focused on Tidus from Final Fantasy X. Tidus wields his signature Brotherhood as he unleashes a flurry of spinning attacks on his opponents. His aerial combos are very free-flowing, as if the young swordsman was swimming around playing blitzball. Incidentally, he breaks out a blitzball at the end of the trailer! Check it out below.

Dissidia Final Fantasy releases in Japanese arcades on November 26.

Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones is a 24 year-old with a BA in History and has been gaming as far back as he can remember. Growing up, he was raised strictly on Nintendo consoles, but this fueled a passion for Japanese gaming and design. Though he does still have a soft spot for Nintendo, he has grown to love any developer and console with fun, enjoyable games. Some of his favorite games of all time include Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy XIII, Chrono Trigger, and Katawa Shoujo.