From Fangamer and famous historian Jeremy Parish comes the Flip Grip accessory on Kickstarter. Designed for Nintendo Switch, the campaign propositions the system-wide grip for the console’s arcade games that use vertical orientation for a 1:1 match.

The Flip Grip posits a solution to multiple Switch arcade re-releases through Arcade Archives and the like (such as last week’s surprise drop of Donkey Kong) which make use of vertical screens but who’s Joy-Cons only attach to the system on the sides horizontally. The Flip Grip acts like a hub to slide the Joy-Cons on the side, while the Switch itself goes in the middle. Spaces placed around the back counter-acts the risk of the system overheating and maintain air flow. With how the Switch is placed in the shell, only the power button and charge port are inaccessible.

The Flip Grip on its own.

The Kickstarter campaign is now live until July 9th and aims for a total of $42,500 to reach production. Should the campaign be successful, the product will begin manufacture and make it to backers by October and November.

Alex Irish
When he's not writing about games, Alex Irish is an illustrator and animation expert. His favorite gaming franchise is Pokémon, full-stop, but his favorite game of all time is Resident Evil 4. He attended the first-ever IGN House Party and is a five-time attendee of the Ottowa International Animation Festival.