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Moco Moco Friends  is out to steal Yokai Watch’s thunder this fall. Aksys games is publishing this Nintendo 3DS dungeon crawler with an emphasis on collecting monsters and navigating dungeons. You play as the titular Moco who goes on an adventure to befriend and raise all sorts of adorable plushie-like creatures called Plushkins. The game is kind of like a cross between Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Puzzle & Dragons and, of course, Pokemon. If you liked any of those games, then this one is probably right up your alley.

Aksys is also sweetening the deal by donating some of the profits from this game to the Make a Wish Foundation to help make the wishes of kids diagnosed with a life-threatening diseases come true. Be sure to check out Moco Moco Friends when it is released on November 17 both in digital and physical format. Below are some screenshots of the gameplay:

Moco Moco Friends | 2 Moco Moco Friends | 1
Moco Moco Friends | 4 Moco Moco Friends | 3

Before you go, here is what is probably this game’s equivalent of a Pikachu. Meet Scrunchie:

Moco Moco Friends - Scrunchie


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