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One of the biggest surprises of the year, Otome*Domain is finally available. I’ve been wanting to type this sentence out for years. Shiravune, to the surprise of many, announced the localization earlier this month. You may read the title and think it’s familiar, and that’s because you may have seen the beautiful adult animation that a lot of us have. Did you know that it’s been five years since that sole episode came out? That’s how long a lot of us have been waiting to play Minato’s story. Experience the colorful story from PALETTE-QUALIA today, it’s available on both Johren and Steam for $19.99 during launch week. A big congratulations to Shiravune on the release, I can’t wait to boot this out up. Let us know what you think of this game and its girls below.

So what’s the story behind Otome*Domain?

After his grandmother passes away, Minato finds himself all alone, not knowing what to do next.

A rich girl his age offers to take responsibility for him, providing him a new home at the all-girls academy she runs. His options exhausted, he accepts his new school uniform—skirt, blouse, and all—and moves into the dorms at once.

It turns out his provider and dormmate, however, is a little off…

“Minato, I can’t find my change of panties… Guess I’ll be going commando for today.”
“I’ll get you some, so stay right there! You can’t go out looking like that?!”

…Just who is taking care of whom exactly? Why does it feel like he’s the one adopting her?!


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