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Dark Souls III Collector’s & Prestige Edition Details Emerge

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Details on a couple of limited editions for the next game in the punishing series we all know and love as Dark Souls have shown up through a most unlikely source. The retail website Geekay Games, based out of the United Arab Emirates, is listing two versions of the upcoming dark fantasy sequel Dark Souls III. They are the Colletor’s Edition and the Prestige Edition. Each comes with fantastic bonuses sure to please anybody preparing to die again and again next year when Dark Souls III is released worldwide. Check out the details below:

Collector’s Editon

Dark Souls III - Collector's Edition

Comes with: Collector’s Box, Steel case, 3 iron-on patches, cloth map, hardcover artbook, 25 cm Red Knight statue, soundtrack

Prestige Edition

Dark Souls III - Prestige Edition

Comes with: Collector’s Box, Steel case, 3 iron-on patches, cloth map, hardcover artbook, 40 cm Lord of Cinder figure, soundtrack

So it looks like the difference between the two is the statue you get, with the Prestige Edition offering a larger and more menacing version for your ducats. The release for these editions is listed as April 12, 2016, which is the European launch date. The United States will be getting Dark Souls III, as listed on Amazon, on April 30, 2016 (although that date could change at any time). Furthermore, Amazon isn’t listing any other versions of the game, so it’s unclear whether or not these spiffy editions will see a release in North America. Still, regardless of what versions make it to the different markets across the globe, the fact that Bandai Namco is giving this series so much attention is proof of its appeal despite its extreme difficulty.

Dark Souls III will be releasing in the latter half of April, 2016 in Japan, Europe and North America for PS4, Xbox One and Windows. It is being developed by From Software and published by Bandai Namco. As we learn more about any potential special editions coming stateside, we’ll be sure to let you know.



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