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How many of you have heard of Clock Tower? This is a series of point-and-click survival horror games in which you are being stalked by and must avoid being caught by a man carrying a giant pair of scissors. It started 20 years ago in Japan on the Super Famicom. We wouldn’t see the series until a couple years later on the original PlayStation.

The series has become somewhat of a cult classic spanning multiple sequels and even a spiritual successor that was funded on Kickstarter. For you fans out there a 20th Anniversary CD is being released with music from the original Clock Tower and its re-releases on PC and PlayStation, Clock tower 2, and Clock Tower: Ghost Head. 

This 4-disc collection will cost 5400 yen about $44 and a special version with a few bonuses including a vinyl containing special arrangements of Clock Tower will also be available for 10,969 yen or about $89. These will release on January 16, 2016 in Japan.


Justin Guillou
Justin joined Operation Rainfall to share his passion and knowledge for some of the more obscure video games out there.