Grisaia: Phantom Trigger

In their latest Frontwing TV stream, Frontwing have announced the latest progress on some of their localisation projects, as well as announce an entirely new project coming to the West. Let’s go through the announcements.

First up, they have opened a Prefundia for the upcoming release of the first two volumes of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, with a worldwide release for both planned for 28th April, 2017. This Kickstarter campaign aims to provide a chance for fans to pick up merchandise relating to Grisaia: Phantom Trigger outside of Japan, including the Kickstarter-exclusive English physical DVD-ROM release. Although the game is all-ages, there will be some risque merch up for grabs, including the only currently revealed stretch goal, a fully localised physical English manga that will be included free to all backers of physical items. Frontwing are looking for feedback, so it’s worth taking a look and letting them know.

Secondly, they have announced a progress update on the localisation of Prototype’s Island. The game is 50% translated and will still be launching in 2017. There is still no word on the platforms it will be releasing on.

Thirdly, they have announced the acquistion of another third party release – KeroQ’s Subarashiki Hibi ~ Furenzoku Sonzai or in English “Wonderful Everyday – Discontinuous Existence.” This visual novel only has an 18+ version in Japan, and there is currently no confirmation from Frontwing what form the game will come over in, whether it’ll be a brand new all-ages release and/or this 18+ version. This release will also be launching in 2017. Here is the description, via VNDB.

Subarashiki Hibi is a story told in six chapters. The chapters are of varying lengths and structure, but for the most part, they cover the month of July 2012 from a number of different perspectives.

The story begins in chapter #1, ‘Down the Rabbit-Hole” on July 12, 2012. The protagonist; Minakami Yuki; lives a peaceful everyday life with Tsukasa and Kagami; her childhood friends; when one day she meets a mysterious girl, Takashima Zakuro (a girl in another class in Yuki’s school, who seems to have met Yuki before but Yuki does not remember this).

The next day, she learns that Takashima Zakuro has killed herself. Rumours in school are abuzz about predictions of the end of the world in 2012 – one of which is a Web site called the “Web Bot Project”, a network of crawlers designed to harness the ‘collective unconsciousness’ to make predictions.

A boy in Yuki’s class named Mamiya Takuji stands up and makes an apocalyptic prediction, stating that the world will end on the 20th, that Zakuro’s death was the first sign. He speaks of an event he dubs “the Last Sky”, where the world will be destroyed and reborn.

The clock is ticking and more people die as the prophesied date draws closer and closer while Yuki attempts to get to the bottom of the identity of Mamiya Takuji, the Web Bot Project and the Last Sky.

Visual novel fans now have more releases slated from Frontwing, as these projects will hopefully bear fruit in the year ahead.

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