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The last few weeks have definitely been exciting ones for fans of Key and VisualArt’s. First, on October 23, VisualArt’s announced that their upcoming kinetic novel Harmonia would be going up on Steam’s Greenlight service. This announcement came with the news that if the game got greenlit, they would release it in English before the Japanese release, a first for a publisher which thus far has only officially released their games in Japan, while overseas fans have had to make do with often pricey imports and fan translations. A week later, on October 31, the company announced that they would be publishing official English translations of Little Busters! Perfect Edition and Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~, localized by Fruitbat Factory and Waku Productions respectively.

And then today, VisualArt’s announced on their Facebook page that Harmonia has been greenlit, meaning that it will be moving forward towards the English release later in the year. Hopefully this means good things to come for VisualArt’s and visual novels in general in North America, since VisualArt’s seems to be testing the waters with Harmonia, Little Busters and Tomoyo After’s English releases.

I know I’m looking forward to Harmonia’s release, as well as the other two. And I’m still waiting to see if VisualArt’s releases the Angel Beats! visual novel adaptation in English. Hopefully if they find success with the confirmed releases, it will be a possibility.


Chris Melchin
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