Megaquarium | Official Base Game Screenshot

Megaquarium | Official Base Game Screenshot

Auroch Digital has announced that a new DLC pack for Megaquarium, a game from developer Twice Circled, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. The base game originally launched on consoles back in October 2019. This new DLC, titled Freshwater Frenzy, features additional levels, new freshwater species, tanks, accessories, decorations and paint options. Feel free to check out the trailer down below and read a little bit more about the DLC expansion.

Freshwater Frenzy is the first Deluxe Expansion for Megaquarium. It adds a brand new environment for you to explore and master – freshwater, and now it’s coming to console!
New Features in Freshwater Frenzy
  • 5 levels in a freshwater-focused campaign
  • 30 freshwater species
  • 7 new tanks
  • 4 accessories to equip your staff
  • Dozens of new objects including decorations, plants, equipment and posters
  • 4 brand new paints to keep your aquarium looking “fresh”

Freshwater Frenzy brings so much new content to the game.

  • From the prehistoric Arapaima to the infamous Piranha, Freshwater Frenzy is packed full of new species to discover
  • New care requirements to learn and demanding new aquascaping requirements
  • For the first time in Megaquarium history, you will be able to rear baby animals in your aquarium
  • Reptiles such as turtles and crocs require land as well as water, which means there are new tank designs to help you look after them in the best way

Explore everything that freshwater has to offer by completing the Freshwater Frenzy campaign and learn all about freshwater animals.

For more information about the Freshwater Frenzy DLC, visit Auroch Digital’s blog.

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