Nintendo Holiday Guide

It may still be October, but Nintendo is getting the Holiday shopping season started early. They posted a Holiday Gift Guide, and it offers a smorgasbord of items to pick from. Keep in mind, this is a Holiday Gift Guide, not a bargain guide, so don’t expect any slashed prices here. The main things I looked for were the bundles, upcoming games and goodies and the occasional cool accessory. Though I won’t cover all the stuff listed in this article, focusing instead on the highlights, you are more than welcome to look at the full list below.

For Wii U, there are some very cool bundles I’ll start off with. First of all is the Super Mario Maker Deluxe Bundle, priced at $299.99. This gets you a Wii U preloaded with Super Mario Maker, the idea book and 30th Anniversary color variant of the retro Mario amiibo. If that’s not your cup of tea, there is a bundle for Mario Kart 8, also at $299.99. While there is no amiibo in this bundle, you get your Wii U preloaded with the fantastically popular Mario Kart 8, as well as a download code for two packs of DLC. That actually might make it a better bargain than the Super Mario Maker one, since that DLC was not cheap.

Nintendo Mario Kart Bundle

Also on the Wii U side of things is an Animal Crossing amiibo Festival Bundle for $59.99. This one obviously won’t net you a whole system, but you get the game plus two Animal Crossing themed amiibo packaged within. That bundle is slated to release mid November.

Nintendo amiibo Festival bundle

On the 3DS side of things, there are even more goodies to enjoy, as well as some sweet accessories. First, there is an Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer 3DS bundle for $219.99. This one gets you a New 3DS, the game download, an amiibo card and, interestingly enough, two themed cover plates. It was my understanding that exchangeable cover plates was a aspect of the New 3DS XL which we never got, but perhaps Nintendo is remedying that oversight.

Nintendo Animal Crossing 3DS bundle

Another great bundle is the Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash bundle for $39.99, which gets you the physical game and beyond adorable Chibi-Robo amiibo. For those looking for a new experience, there is also a 2DS Yokai Watch bundle for $99.99, which consists of the 2DS and digital copy of the Japanese hit.

Nintendo Yokai Watch bundle

Also listed is the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for $39.99, which is sure to be a hit for fans of the series. Those who refuse to buy a New 3DS can also rejoice, as the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader is listed for $19.99, which will let you use amiibo in your old 3DS consoles.

Nintendo NFC Reader

And if that wasn’t enough, there are two really cool Hori New 3DS Hard Pouches (Mario and Link) priced at $16.99. Both are great looking, and besides holding a 3DS console, also can store up to 6 games in a pouch, as well as a carrying strap and elastic band to hold it shut securely.

Nintendo HORI case

Finally, let’s discuss the accessories that work for both systems. Fans of cute will no doubt want to pick up the Pink and Light Blue Yarn Yoshi amiibos for $16.99, which work for the newly released Yoshi’s Woolly World. More exciting, at least for me, is the listing for the Shovel Knight amiibo for $12.99. No release date is specified, but the mere fact that it’s mentioned makes me think we won’t have long to wait.

Nintendo Shovel Knight amiibo

If you like your amiibo cute, there are multiple Animal Crossing amiibo listed, as well as a 3 pack for $34.99. There is also a really sexy amiibo Travel Case for $24.99 which can hold up to 8 amiibo and has windows for safely displaying your collection.

Nintendo amiibo Travel Case

Another way to pimp out your collection is with the Splatoon Gamepad Protector for $14.99, just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of colored ink. Or if you want to sleep on it, there is a Splatoon Squid Cushion for $32.99.

Nintendo Splatoon Pillow

Also in the completely unnecessary category are themed Wiimotes for $39.99, one for each of the following characters – Bowser, Yoshi, Luigi, Mario, Toad and Peach. Last but not least is a very cool Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past manga by Shotaro Ishinomori for $19.99.

Nintendo Zelda manga

Oh, and if you act quick, there is a sale on amiibo at Toys R’ Us until October 31st. You can get 2 amiibo for $22, not a bad bargain if I say so myself. If you’re a Nintendo fan, or are shopping for one, there’s lots of options here. Get the Holiday season off to a good start!


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