GG Xrd Revelator Dizzy Wins

Revelator poll results

Earlier in September, Guilty Gear Xrd developer Arc System Works ran a special fan poll to determine the next character to be added to Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-. Those who play Guilty Gear Xrd or follow the game’s scene may be familiar with “world dollars”, which one gains by playing the game more and are generally used for cosmetic items in the console version. Arc System Works decided to use the world dollars as a means to cast ballots for any of the sixteen characters available above. Arcade players have been registering their accounts to the arcade (this is how the players are identified in-game) and then sing their world dollars to vote for the character they want. You can vote as many times or cast as many votes as your dollars allow.

The end results are shown above, and the final victor is Dizzy! In an interim result report released by Arc System Works, Dizzy placed 2nd to Holy Order Sol (now 4th) but Dizzy ultimately pulled ahead ever so slightly of Bridget (2nd) and Baiken (3rd.) The top half or so were consistent between the interim and now (and the top four were basically the only possible winners,) but the vote totals skyrocketed then for some characters from the high thousands to the tens of thousands. There are a variety of reasons for the votes turning out as they did. Holy Order Sol is a favorite of competitive players, who by design lends himself to countering characters like Millia and Chipp. Baiken is a character with a cool and unique visual design, and powerful defensive options. And Bridget himself is popular with specialized runaway capabilities that could use more service in Xrd’s current roster.

Guilty Gear battle designer “Pachi” explained prior to the poll what he might like to do with each of the prospective characters above if and when they are added to Xrd (it differs heavily from the other games in such ways as general movement speed, colored Roman Cancels, Blitz Shielding, and more.) On Dizzy, he had this to say (courtesy of a translation):

Dizzy is a mobile character that has a variety of mix-ups stemming from her abundance of projectiles. With her usual style I think her set-play and Roman Cancels would synergize well, but I’d like to give her a style where she appears in your face rather than retreats away. Plus she’s a mother now, I think her move names would be great (laughs).

Previously visible in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-‘s Story Mode for some brief moments, Dizzy already has a voice actress already cast in both English and Japanese versions of the game. Looks like she’ll be back for more! Dizzy’s victory isn’t to say that she’s the last to join -REVELATOR-, but she’ll be a priority and will likely be present for the console version’s release without having to be purchased as DLC.


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