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MangaGamer Fall Sale

Summer has come and gone and now Fall is upon us and our friends over at MangaGamer decided the perfect way to kick off the Fall season was with a Visual Novel sale! From now until the end of the month of October select titles on MangaGamer’s website will range from 25-55% off! If there were any titles you were thinking about purchasing from their site now is the perfect time to jump on that.

Among the titles on sale are InnocentGrey titles Cartagra and Kara no Shojo. If you’re a fan of the mystery genre these two titles are the perfect Visual Novels to pick up from this sale. Perfect timing too as Kara no Shojo – The Second Episode will be releasing later this month, so now you can pick up the first title and catch up on the story. If you’re having a hard time deciding between the Cartagra and Kara no Shojo MangaGamer has come up with the perfect solution for you. They have created an InnocentGrey bundle which includes Kara no Shojo and Cartagra all for the price of $59.95, which is reduced to $41.91 for the Fall Sale!

Other titles on sale include ef – the first tale, ef – the latter tale, Go! Go! Nippon! and much more! The titles on sale include both digital titles and hardcover/physical copies. You can check out the list of titles on sale below.

Cartagra: Affliction of the Soul – $34.95 $24.47

MangaGamer Cartagra Visual

Kara no Shojo – $34.95 $24.47

Kara no Shoujo Cover

Cartagra + Kara no Shojo Bundle (New!) – $59.95 $41.91

InnocentGrey Bundle Cover

Kara no Shojo Regular Edition Hardcopy – $39.95 $29.96

Kara no Shoujo HC



ef – the first tale – $29.95 $20.97

MangaGamer ef first tale

ef – the latter tale – $34.95 $24.47

MangaGamer ef the latter tale


Cho Dengeki Stryker – $44.95 $29.22

MangaGamer Cho Dengeki Stryker


Go! Go! Nippon! – $9.99 $7.49


Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 (DLC) – $7.99 $5.99

MangaGamer GoGoNippon 2015

Go! Go! Nippon! 2015 (Bundle) – $14.99 $11.24

GGN 2015 Bundle Cover


Suika A.S+ – $29.95 $20.97

Suika Cover


Koihime Musou – $49.95 $34.97

Koihime Musou


Guilty The Sin – $29.95 $20.97

Guilty the Sin Cover

Guilty The Sin (Hardcopy) – $34.95 $26.21

MangaGamer Guilty HC Cover


Harem Party – $24.95 $17.47

Harem Party Cover


Harem Party (Hardcopy) – $34.95 $26.21

Harem Party HC



Valkyrie Svia (Hardcopy) – $24.95 $18.71

ValkyrieSvia Hardcover Package


Keep checking MangaGamer’s website as more titles will be put on sale only for a limited time near the end of the Fall Sale. If you’re interested in any of the titles listed please check out the official page for MangaGamer’s Fall Sale HERE.

If you’re still on the fence on which title to get may I suggest getting Valkyrie Svia, this description on its product page is incredible.

“A battle maiden erotic shaming gang-rape adventure!”

If that doesn’t make you want to buy Valkyrie Svia I don’t know what will.


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