Custom Satoru Iwata Amiibo

Rare amiibo are often a huge pain to get your hands on. This amiibo, while even rarer, is a very special one indeed. It is a custom Satoru Iwata amiibo lovingly crafted by a fan, and one that is generating money for charity. This special custom amiibo is built on a Mii Fighter amiibo. It’s been carefully re-sculpted and repainted with Iwata’s Mii features. It also contains various items from many of the game series that he was involved with over the years. These include a 1Up Mushroom from Mario, Link’s Master Sword and Toon Link’s shield from Zelda, a Star Rod from Kirby, Diddy Kong’s cap from Donkey Kong, and a Pokéball from Pokémon.

What makes this custom Satoru Iwata amiibo really special is that it is being auctioned off for charity on ebay. The current top bid is $1,825, and there are still 2 days left in the auction. The full price of this item will go to Child’s Play (as indicated by the auction’s eBay Giving status). As you may know, Child’s Play donates video games to hospitals and therapy facilities that treat children. The idea is to give these kids entertainment during what can often be a very difficult time in their lives, as well as very boring for them. The goal is of course to also bring many smiles to these kids, too.

Custom Satoru Iwata Amiibo

This is a wonderful cause and a very kind thing for the creator of this custom Satoru Iwata amiibo to do. The world needs more smiles after all. Satoru Iwata himself spoke on many occasions about creating smiles through Nintendo’s products. This custom amiibo is an incredible tribute to the great Nintendo President, and will be great for the joy it will bring to some of those children who could really use some smiles. Whoever adds this to their amiibo collection will have an incredible collector’s item to enjoy, or they could possibly even auction it again later to donate to charity again. Either way, seeing a fan do this has probably brought a smile to Satoru Iwata in Heaven, too.


Michael Fontanini
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