Bravely Default FF

Today, a new page appeared on the Square Enix Members website related to Bravely Default Flying Fairy.  Two things were announced on this page: a sequel to Bravely Default is in the works, and the development team have presented a survey for fans to answer questions and help make the sequel an even better experience.
This is great news, and perhaps somewhat predictable, as Bravely Default sold out of its initial shipment in Japan, which caused Square Enix to hastily supply a retail version for download on the Nintendo eShop.

Bravely Default Flying Fairy is still unannounced for regions outside of Japan.  There is, however, some hope to hold onto.  For one thing, Bravely Default was a success in Japan, which makes the game more appealing as a business prospect.  Also, Square Enix has trademarked the name ‘All The Bravest’ in Europe.  While there is no proof that this is a trademark for Bravely Default, it is likely this game will make it over the pond.  However, Square Enix has a terrible, terrible track record for their new trademarks and countdowns that lead to disappointing browser and mobile titles.

Clinton Nix
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