Skell model

It’s no secret that we here at Operation Rainfall are super hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X. One of the things that has us most excited about the game is the pilotable mechs known as “Skells.” They look fun as hell to drive and have amazing designs to boot! So you can imagine our excitement when we saw these Skell models at a recent Hobby Show.

We saw a look a them before, back in May. But hadn’t heard anything else since them. There weren’t any specifics on when it’s going to be released. Or even if it’s going to be released. It’s still cool to see though! It’s not the quite the same as owning a real life Skell, but it’s probably the closest we’ll ever get.

Even if it does get a release, it’s doubtful this will ever make it to the West. But if it does get released, do you think you might import it? Let us know in the comments!


Colin Malone
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