This weeks Famitsu has let developer V3 give more information on Bokosuka Girls: Tastunoko Gakuen Climax. This PlayStation Vita game’s premise follows high school girls who wear special outfits called “J-Suits” to gain the power of Tatsunoko heroes.


Tastunoko Gakuen Climax‘s story starts in a different world where a war raged between Tastunoko and an evil army. The Tastunoko where victorious and the leader of the evil army was exiled. The evil leader traveled dimensions until he ended up on earth taking his time to gather his “evil energy”.

To do this, the leader plants evil know as “Dokuro Wear” in the clothes of high school girls, which makes them commit evil acts. An investigator from the other world followed the evil leader to the world and discovered that a girl was chosen to wear the “J-Suit”. She must now protect the world.

The newly chosen Tatsunoko must battle against the girls in “Dokuro Wear” and strip them of the evil attire. The battle system has three types of attacks: melee, assault, and shooting.

There is no release window published in Famitsu, but it was previously planned for 2015.

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